Winning Body Language

Winning Body Language – Book Review

By: Mark Bowden

Introduction: Communication Is More than Words

Communication is a nuanced dance between words, body language, and emotions. The impact of a message extends beyond verbal content; it’s deeply intertwined with non-verbal cues and the emotional atmosphere it creates. Mark Bowden’s insights in “Winning Body Language” emphasize the pivotal role of body language in effective communication, shedding light on its power to shape audience perception and reception.

What to do with your hands

Bowden highlights the significance of hand gestures, urging communicators never to drop their hands below their mid-section. Maintaining the TruthPlane, an area around the height of the belly button, exudes trust, control, and sincerity. Understanding the dynamics of the PassionPlane, a slightly higher plane for more energetic communication, ensures a balance between excitement and control. Symmetry in hand movements adds authenticity to your message.

What to do with your breath

The in-breath holds the key to a more vibrant and optimistic communication experience. Bowden encourages deep breaths for both speaker and audience, fostering openness to new ideas. By aligning the physical frame with the in-breath, communicators appear more confident, relaxed, and capable of free-flowing thoughts.

What to do with your head and face

Facial expressions, comprising around 5,000 variations, significantly influence face-to-face interactions. A genuine smile, accompanied by an uplifting of the sides of the lips and mirrored muscles around the eyes, creates warmth. Strategic use of eyebrows and tilting of the head enhances acceptance and empathy, fostering a deeper connection.

How to make others feel like you accept them

Acknowledging that communication is reciprocal, Bowden introduces tools for creating a sense of acceptance. The “YesState” involves reinforcing positive vocabulary internally, creating a nonverbal state of acceptance. Simple gestures, like pulling something toward you in the TruthPlane or PassionPlane, deepen connections. A unique handshake, involving a slight turn and pull, adds a touch of acceptance and dominance, leaving a positive impression.


The key to effective communication lies in making clear, deliberate choices and amplifying them. Whether it’s excitement, sincerity, or acceptance, align actions with intentions. Maintain consistency by avoiding mixed signals or ironic twists. In essence, clarity in actions leads to a clear understanding in minds, creating a powerful connection with the audience. “Winning Body Language” offers actionable insights to navigate this intricate dance and master the art of impactful communication.

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