Winning with Customers

Winning with Customers – Book Review

By: Keith Pigues

Discover: Uncover the Value (Metric and Preparation)

The first step, Discover, involves understanding the value your business brings to your customer. The authors introduce the Differential Value Proposition (DVP) as a measurement tool, combining unique attributes and their impact on customer profitability. By preparing with a hypothesis for value attributes and profit, businesses create a foundation for customer interviews.

Discover: Customer Interviews (Guidelines and Data Capture)

In customer interviews, businesses should engage with various stakeholders in the value chain. Four guidelines are provided: ask questions about the DVP, listen without selling, avoid solving issues during the interview, and refrain from justifying past actions. The powerful aspect of this process lies in the conversation, capturing data on customer perspectives, opportunities for improvement, and specific areas for enhanced value creation.

Analyze: Turning Insights into Opportunities (Data Utilization)

The Analyze phase focuses on converting interview data into actionable opportunities. Rather than complex analyses, the authors advocate simplicity—a list of top opportunities identified by customers. This list provides clarity on the impact your business has on the customer’s bottom line, helping you make informed investment decisions and understand your true competitive advantage.

Execute: Implementing the Plan (Customer Value Creation Plan)

Execution is key, and the Customer Value Creation Plan is your roadmap. It involves reiterating what you heard in interviews, detailing your planned actions and their monetary value to the customer, incorporating additional initiatives, specifying what you won’t do and why, and providing ongoing status updates. This plan not only demonstrates responsiveness but also lays the groundwork for mutually beneficial actions.

Conclusion: Empower Your Business with Customer-Centric Strategies

“Winning with Customers” offers a compelling B2B playbook that goes beyond anecdotes, emphasizing quantitative data derived from customer input. By following the 6-step journey, you can unlock the potential for both customer and business profit growth. The emphasis on direct customer engagement, data-driven decision-making, and transparent execution sets the stage for long-term success. For a deeper dive, explore the complete CVC Management System and leverage ongoing support from

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