The Sales Acceleration Formula

The Sales Acceleration Formula – Book Review

By: Mark Roberge

The Sales Hiring Formula:

Mark Roberge, former CRO of Hubspot, emphasizes the crucial role of world-class sales hiring in driving sales success. Identifying ideal sales characteristics, such as coachability and curiosity, and aligning them with the sales context is essential. Roberge advocates for a rigorous interview process, incorporating role-playing exercises to assess candidates in action. Building an internal recruiting system, like the “forced referral” using LinkedIn, helps maintain a steady stream of qualified candidates.

The Sales Training Formula: 

Scaling a sales team requires a standardized training program based on the buyer journey, sales process, and qualifying matrix. Aligning the sales process with the buyer journey ensures synchronization, and each stage should be “inspectable.” Salespeople understanding the day-to-day challenges of customers enhances their ability to relate and assist in making informed purchase decisions. Incorporating social media to build personal brands and thought leadership can turn the tables on the sales process.

The Sales Management Formula: 

Once salespeople are hired and trained, effective management is crucial. Implementing a coaching culture with a regular meeting cadence is key. Using metrics-driven sales coaching and aligning compensation plans with company goals are essential motivators. Running contests, aligned with short-term behavior changes and team-based prizes, contributes to building a positive team culture.

The Demand Generation Formula: 

In today’s world, inbound marketing is more effective than outbound. Continual content production and active participation in social media are key components. Establishing a “journalist” role within the company, forming a thought leadership committee, and creating a content machine can sustain the flow of valuable content. Using a buyer matrix, rather than lead scoring, helps determine when to pass leads from marketing to sales, optimizing the revenue generation process.


Achieving scalable, predictable revenue growth requires mastering the four elements of the Sales Acceleration Formula: hiring, training, managing, and generating demand. Mark Roberge’s strategies, encompassing world-class sales hiring, standardized training programs, rigorous sales management, and effective demand generation, played a pivotal role in Hubspot’s journey from $0 to over $100 million in annual revenue in just seven years.

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