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Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of all well planned digital marketing. SEO is the best way both short term and long term to ensure your total online presence. This online presence is the ticket and has the opportunity to add to your bottom line – plus bring in new sales by sharing your solutions to your ideal client’s problems. At Quest Marketing we specialize in helping businesses like yours leverage SEO to increase your website search ranking, website traffic and ultimately your bottom line revenues.

guess what - SEO really works check out these numbers

94.7% of consumers use the internet to research products or services via Google, Bing and other search engines prior to a purchase
89.8% of the searching consumer will choose to contact a researched business within 24 hours of their investigations.
85.1% of the clicks to the businesses website go to either one of the top 3 results in the Google Maps listings or one of the top 3 results in the organic search results.

So it’s critically a company, like yours, focuses on your SEO for the website and your Google My Business listing. That’s what we focus on – helping your business rank better in online searches. And using a hybrid model of implementing paid media buying – PPC – will allow you to cover short and long term exposure. The SEO of your website and your Google My Business listing is accomplished by structuring your website to be search engine friendly. To achieve the results you’re shooting for requires a custom plan revolving around your objectives, goals, and your budget. By following a step – by – step process, we’ll fine tune your website and the SEO to best produce the results you want to achieve.

And as the competitors keep changing, Google and Bing keep updating their algorithms and the newest trends in digital marketing change – we’ll stay on top of all of this for you and your business.

the search engine

Analyze the Competition

Prior to the keyword search we’ll need to analyze your competitors in your city or town. We do this to better understand your business and how your competition pay-ons online. We will ethically “spy” on your competition to determine their strategies, tactics, ads, SEO, keywords, traffic sources and backlinks with the whole intent of beating them at every turn so you win? Our mutual goal is to increase your online traffic to your website, help you engage the visitors and ultimately convert the visitors to leads then customers, clients or patients.

Keyword Research

Of course the keyword research is absolutely essential for any SEO – search engine optimization. Your focus can be on 50-50 or more keywords – however wherever you start the choice of the right keywords are critical. It ultimately decides a winning or losing campaign, of course the whole idea is to return the most for your investment. This starts by choosing the keywords in comparison to the volume of keyword searches. From there the best keywords are chosen which will help you generate the most web traffic to your website along with conversion in mind. All keywords have to meet certain criteria including:

Website Infrastracture

For your total online presence the website has to be built properly from the “ground up”. Since Google and other search engines. Check the actual quality of the website, it’s loading speed, and the content we ensure your finished product will have this and more! And to skip all the technical jargon the finished website will be free of broken links, bad urls or missing page titles and so much more. For the websites we are optimizing we’re like doctors who diagnose first – then prescribe – then apply the changes.

On Page SEO

Building upon your business objectives, targeted keywords and the website infrastructure your site’s code will be optimized for search engine robots and indexing. Here’s some of the important parts we focus on: title tags, meta description, alt tags, page loading speed, page structure, anchor text and placement of H1, H2 and H3 tags.

Optimizing Your Content

The will be to create content focusing on the keywords which show the best opportunity for ranking and ROI. Use your skills, or hire someone to research and write the content and find unique, compelling images to use in your content. Then use an editorial calendar to regularly post your content both on your own website and to guest post on other industry related blogs and websites. And as you’ve probably noticed the sites we visit new, fresh, original content. Whether you do it yourself, or hire a company like us, the goal is to use content to increase traffic to your website, generate exposure and interest in your solutions and bring in revenue for your business.

Offsite ranking Factors

Up to 80% of your search engine optimizing will happen off of your website! The exposure you gain on other websites, blogs, videos, press releases and more all add up. And the plus side is the additional web traffic you’re being sent by these other connections – often called backlinks. Here’s a list of the foundational methods we use on your behalf.

Press Releases – By using press releases to major news sources and then leveraging press release stacking your newsworthy announcements will give your business more exposure.
Links Analysing – There are various parts of the analysis. First research the competition to determine their sources of links and use them as a model for your links. And then dig deep to research the anchor text, websites, unique IP’s and the actual number of links other competitors are using.
Link Building – Most, if not all SEO agencies, all agree backlinks are still one of the most influential factors for your website optimization. And the most effective link building comes from maintaining relationships with the owners and editors of influential blogs and websites. By leveraging the domain authority of their sites and linking back to your site, your website trust factor will also gradually increase overtime.
Article Writing – By article writing, we’re including PowerPoints, PAF’s and text content of course. These “articles” are then submitted to multiple sites which will link back to similar pages on your website. And with excellent articles often other blogs and websites will pick up the content and add it to their site with a link back to your website.
Write Guest Blog Posts – This means you’re writing an article/content for a similar website in your industry. Our job is to write your content and then contact established and authoritative sites and have them posted on your behalf. The benefit to you is your expertise is highlighted as you get in there backlink from a quality website.
Report, Track, Measure, Optimize SEO – There is no sense in doing all of this work and not tracking the results. So it’s our job to constantly look at the results – it’s to look for spots to increase your ROI. This tracking, measuring and optimizing of the SEO is done by using sophisticated tools and analysis. By doing so, a report is generated to show you where work is being done, what’s performing the best, remove any less than optimum keywords, add additional content and ultimately increase your search engine rankings. Your project manager will look after your campaigns, keywords and reports so you’re always on top of your online investments.


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