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Looking for an easy to navigate website? Right now user experience is one of the key ranking factors for your new website. Your new website will convey authority build trust and help you convert sales. Plus by properly structuring and laying out your website both your prospect and the Google bots will find the site fluid and well designed.

web design - web traffic stickiness - sales

Your new website will ensure the visitors will trust the design, find the right solution(s) to their problems and ‘stick around’ and convert to a sale (or at least a sales lead). You’ll receive a complete package – the website design which highlights the key products and services in an attractive and appealing format. So, when the web visitors visit your website they’ll find the right information. Plus all of your websites are SEO optimized for maximum ‘discoverability’ online. So your business is easily found and your website converts visitors to leads and sales.

do you really need a custom website?

Well that depends. If present and future website search ranking is important (and it always is) then a custom, SEO optimized, search engine designed website is a necessity. Now granted you’ll need to lead with keyword research and competition analysis prior to the site map and wireframing of the website itself. So what you get is a website that’s ‘sticky’ and keeps the visitors on site plus its ‘slippery’ in the way the site moves the prospect to a lead to a conversion. All of these factors are rewarded by Google and the other search engines in their search results pages. This happens because your new website is giving the visitor the best possible user experience and the best solutions to their queries and problems. In summary we’ll build your website to be SEO friendly from the initial designing stage.

How Website Design and The Web Message Are Critical

Your website design is matched to your message and story/solution for your ideal clients. By following web trends, changes to algorithms, user experience expectations on the web and analysis of successes and failures online, we’ve come up with a recipe for website design, development, deployment to leverage out research and expertise and build the very best website for you and your company. In total you’ll have a website that is SEO friendly, user friendly and able to grow and change as your business grows and changes.

Website Conversion Optimization

Ultimately, one of the main reasons for your website is to not only introduce visitors and prospects to you – it’s to convert them to leads and sales. That means your website needs to be created with a “funnel” in mind. How does the visitor learn more about you – how do they know, like, trust you and your company? We answer this with a design which encourages engagement, conveys trust and credibility and produces inquiries by email, chat or a phone call. This describes the conversion optimization which can be used on your present website or designed into your new replacement website.

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