Whale Hunting

Whale Hunting – Book Review

By: Tom Searcy and Barbara Smith

In the quest for transformative business deals, lessons from ancient Inuit whale hunting provide a strategic approach.

Lesson #1: Know the whale by charting competitive waters and creating a target filter.

Lesson #2: Send out the scouts and compile a “whale chart” with detailed information on potential companies.

Lesson #3: Set the harpoon by connecting with decision-makers, controlling the aperture of perception, and asking critical questions.

Lesson #4: Launch the boat by committing resources and assessing the odds of success. Recognize financial and specialized buyers’ roles, addressing fears of change, conflict, additional work, and failure.

Lesson #5: Capture the whale with a well-defined sales process, specifying ownership, roles, resources, sub-processes, matrix, success criteria, and timelines for each step. Present proposals in person for serious consideration.

Lesson #6: Sew their mouth shut by minimizing fear during company visits, preparing with precision, flawless implementation, and prompt, caring follow-up. This strategic guide empowers companies to become effective whale hunters. 🌊🚢 #BusinessStrategy #SalesTactics #WhaleHunting #StrategicDeals 🏹💼

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