Neuromarketing – Book Review

By: Christopher Morin and Patrick Renvoise

In a journey through the neural landscape of decision-making, “Neuromarketing” by Christophe and Patrick reveals the immense influence of the brain on purchasing decisions. Understanding the three-brain model—new brain thinks, middle brain feels, and old brain decides—is key to unlocking the buy button. The formula for selling probability involves pain, claim, gain, and the old brain cubed.

Step #1 focuses on diagnosing pain, emphasizing the identification, intensity, urgency, and acknowledgment of the prospect’s pain.

Step #2 advises differentiating claims by eliminating the prospect’s principal pain.

Step #3 stresses demonstrating gain through tangible evidence, be it vision, data, demo, or customer stories.

The pivotal Step #4 delivers to the old brain, employing grabbers, big pictures, “you” wording, learning styles, and the principle of “less is more” as impactful message builders and boosters. Mastering these steps transforms one into a neuromarketing superstar, ensuring effective communication and successful sales. 🧠🛍️ #Neuromarketing #SalesStrategy #BrainPower #MarketingInsights

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