They Ask, You Answer

They Ask, You Answer – Book Review

By: Marcus Sheridan


Marcus Sheridan, facing the brink of bankruptcy during the 2008 economic crash, unveils a transformative content marketing strategy called “They Ask, You Answer” that rescued his swimming pool company. This strategy, explored in the next 10 minutes, became instrumental in generating millions of dollars in sales by addressing customer queries. 

The Buying Shift:

Consumer buying patterns have shifted dramatically, with 70% of the purchasing decision made before direct contact with a company. Contrary to business owners thinking their industry is an exception, Sheridan urges trying the strategy to resonate with the evolving market dynamics.

Definition of “They Ask, You Answer”:

At the core is an obsession with understanding customer thoughts, questions, and concerns. Sheridan’s methodology involves compiling all customer queries and answering them through blog posts or videos. Key content categories that gained traction were Pricing and Costs, Problems, Versus and Comparisons, Reviews, and Best in Class.

Content Subject #1: Pricing and Costs:

Sheridan emphasizes transparency in pricing information, debunking common concerns. By addressing major products and services with detailed explanations, businesses can build trust and influence customer decisions. An example of a post, “How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?,” brought in $3 million in sales and saved Sheridan’s company.

Content Subject #2: Problems:

Addressing weaknesses head-on, Sheridan advises turning problems into strengths. Consumers often search for potential issues online, and businesses should proactively provide honest answers. This builds trust, eliminates irrelevant leads, and allows businesses to highlight their unique selling points.

Content Subject #3: Versus and Comparisons:

Comparisons between products or services are popular customer queries. Sheridan suggests creating content that openly compares offerings, acknowledging weaknesses, and turning them into strengths. Such content not only attracts organic traffic but also builds trust and positions the business as transparent and honest.

Content Subjects 4 and 5: Reviews and Best in Class:

Sheridan’s unconventional approach involves creating a list of the best companies in the industry and excluding one’s own. This tactic builds credibility and keeps the prospect on the company’s website, enabling control over the messaging. By showcasing expertise and inviting prospects to explore further, businesses can guide the narrative.


In summary, “They Ask, You Answer” is a customer-centric content marketing strategy that embraces transparency, addresses customer queries comprehensively, and strategically positions businesses as trustworthy authorities in their respective industries.

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