To Sell Is Human

To Sell Is Human – Book Review

By: Dan Pink

The Shift in Sales Approach:

In the past, sales were about closing deals, but with increased access to information, the role of a salesperson has evolved into a problem finder. Dan Pink, in “To Sell Is Human,” introduces a shift from “Always Be Closing” to “Attunement, Buoyancy, and Clarity” as the new ABCs of selling, emphasizing understanding perspectives, staying afloat amidst rejection, and providing clarity.

A = Attunement: 

Attunement involves increasing power by reducing it, using both head and heart in sales situations, and employing mimicking strategically for connection and trust. Pink emphasizes perspective-taking, social cartography (understanding group dynamics), and mimicking as techniques to become a better salesperson and build stronger customer relationships.

B = Buoyancy:

Buoyancy, crucial for navigating rejection, consists of self-interrogative self-talk, positivity, and explanatory style. Pink suggests asking questions about capabilities, maintaining the right level of positivity, and adopting an explanatory style that views rejections as temporary, specific, and external factors for staying afloat in sales.

C = Clarity: 

Clarity involves the ability to help others see their situations differently and identify previously unnoticed problems. Framing, a powerful tool in sales, includes techniques like the “less frame,” “experience frame,” “label frame,” “blemished frame,” and “potential frame.” Additionally, Pink introduces the concept of an off-ramp, emphasizing the importance of providing a clear roadmap for action.


Dan Pink’s ABCs of selling offer a comprehensive guide for modern sales strategies. Attunement, Buoyancy, and Clarity provide insights into understanding perspectives, navigating rejection, and offering clear and compelling frames for decision-making. By incorporating these principles, sales professionals can enhance their effectiveness, build stronger relationships, and achieve success in the dynamic landscape of modern sales. 🚀💡 #SalesStrategies #SellingTips #BusinessSuccess

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