Unmarketing – Book Review

By: Scott Stratten

Becoming a Recognized Expert:

To transform your business using the combination of the “Hierarchy of Buying” and social media, start by positioning yourself as a recognized expert. Deep expertise in your field is crucial, and then focus on creating traction, building momentum, and expanding your platform through consistent and strategic use of social media.

Cultivating Current Relationships: 

This tier involves people with whom you have a current relationship but who have not yet made a purchase. While establishing yourself as an expert, nurture relationships with these potential clients or customers. The UnProspecting method involves cultivating these relationships, knowing that they may turn into valuable clients or customers in the future.

Referral by a Trusted Source:

Leverage social media to generate referrals from people who may not have been your customers. Avoid the “7 Deadly Social Media Sins” – greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, wrath, lust, and pride – and focus on building genuine relationships. Let social media serve as a referral engine, enhancing your business through authentic connections.

Using Social Media with Current Satisfied Customers: 

At the top of the hierarchy, engage with current satisfied customers through social media. Listen to conversations about your business, respond to feedback positively, and address issues promptly. Turn negative experiences into positive ones, showcasing excellent customer service. Social media provides an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with existing satisfied customers.


Applying the “Hierarchy of Buying” in a social world involves strategically using social media at different stages of customer interaction. From becoming a recognized expert to cultivating relationships, generating referrals, and engaging with current satisfied customers, this approach emphasizes the importance of long-term success and customer satisfaction. Dive into the details by exploring the book for a comprehensive guide to transforming your business in the social media landscape.

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