Crush It

Crush It – Book Review

By: Gary Vaynerchuk

The Unconventional Journey:

Gary Vaynerchuk’s story is not about following conventional paths but embracing one’s true passion. From selling wine at 16 to growing the family business from $4 million to $50 million, Gary felt unfulfilled. Determined to buy the New York Jets, he transformed into a social media sommelier, sharing principles applicable to entrepreneurs and anyone seeking a non-traditional career trajectory.

Live Your Passion: 

In the internet era, the cultural shift has changed how business operates. Advertisers follow attention, now gravitating to online content creators. Living your passion means waking up excited about what you do daily, eliminating the need for vacations from something you love.

Creating a Personal Brand:

For entrepreneurs, building personal brand equity is as crucial as company brand equity. Gary emphasizes authenticity—staying true to oneself. He shares how he demystified the wine world by being genuine, attracting followers who appreciated his unique approach.

Creating Great Content:

To monetize personal brand through social marketing, great content is essential. Being in love with your work helps, but becoming a great storyteller and effective communicator is equally crucial. Choose the medium that suits your style—video, podcast, or written content.

Working Your Face Off:

Passion and authenticity must be accompanied by hard work. Gary defines hard work as bleeding out of your eyeballs, dedicating extensive hours to your passion. The formula: 10% creating content, 90% interacting with the community, leaving trails back to your site.

Choosing Your Platform:

Gary shares a compelling proof point—$7,500 spent on traditional advertising produced 710 orders, while a tweet generated 1,700 orders. The right approach on social media platforms can significantly impact your business.

Making Money: 

In the changed landscape, production values matter less than passion and authenticity. Monetize every interaction, invest in website interface design, and create clear call-to-action buttons. The end game is to make money; explore avenues like ad revenue, affiliate links, direct product sales, speaking arrangements, and book deals.

Keeping It Real: 

Patience is key; success doesn’t happen overnight. Care about every community member, valuing the first subscriber as much as the 10,000th. Chase passion, not money, and richness will follow beyond expectations. Gary’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s true calling. 🚀🌟 #PassionToProfits #Entrepreneurship #GaryVeeWisdom


Gary Vaynerchuk’s journey, as outlined in this insightful article, transcends conventional career narratives, offering a roadmap for those seeking fulfillment beyond traditional paths. Emphasizing the seismic shift brought about by the internet, Vaynerchuk advocates living one’s passion and leveraging personal brand equity. The significance of authentic content creation, diligent effort, strategic platform selection, and effective monetization strategies underscores a paradigm where passion, authenticity, and hard work converge to redefine success. Gary’s story serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative potential inherent in embracing one’s true calling, a narrative that resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals charting unconventional career trajectories. 🌐🚀 #SuccessJourney #PassionUnleashed #GaryVeeLegacy

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