Grouped – Book Review

By: Paul Adams

Everything You Know About Social Media Is Wrong:

Challenge common misconceptions about social media by understanding how people truly share online. Paul Adams, former head of social efforts at Facebook and Google, shares insights on strong ties and weak ties, challenging the notion of targeting individuals with thousands of Twitter followers.


Examine the structure of relationships, breaking them down into five concentric circles ranging from inner circles (strong ties) to outer circles (weak ties). Understand the dynamics of strong ties, which involve close, regular communication with a small group of individuals, compared to weak ties, which are looser connections based on common interests.

Strong Ties vs. Weak Ties:

Explore the characteristics of strong ties, traditionally associated with family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Discover that, despite the promise of social media connecting people globally, users tend to reinforce existing strong ties rather than create new ones. Understand the occasional utility of weak ties for information but acknowledge the trust challenges they pose.

Conclusion – Market To Strong Ties:

Recognize the disproportionate influence of strong ties on decision-making, with studies revealing people are three to four times more likely to trust friends or acquaintances than bloggers or experts for product advice. Emphasize building campaigns around strong ties, leveraging trust and emotional connections, and prioritize spreading messages through friends and family for effective social media impact.

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