How to Make Maximum Money with Minimum Customers

How to Make Maximum Money with Minimum Customers – Book Review

By: Craig Garber

No Easy Way:

Craig Garber emphasizes that there’s no easy path to financial success. Hard work and a strong work ethic are crucial. Garber suggests being brutally honest about one’s work ethic and recommends setting defined goals with deadlines. He advises finding a role model and framing success with a clear mindset.

Be Specific:

Garber’s success lies in specialization. He advocates attracting a specific audience by cultivating a specialty. Being a generalist makes it challenging to stand out and charge higher fees. Garber encourages marketers to focus on addressing their target market’s problems and desires and tailor marketing efforts to specific needs.

Relational Success:

Building strong relationships is a cornerstone of success, according to Garber. He stresses that relationship strength depends on the frequency and intensity of interaction. Meaningful and valuable contact is key, and caring for prospects involves regular communication.

Lost Prospects:

Garber discusses reasons for losing prospects, including lack of interest, unfulfilled promises, infrequent communication, lack of personality, inconsistency, and being boring. To retain prospects, he recommends structured and focused communication strategies, building relationships, and providing valuable information about specialties.

Selling Balance:

Garber highlights the importance of selling in making money. He identifies three sales problems: not selling enough, selling too much, or not selling at all. To avoid frustration and build relationships, he recommends varied communication, frequent contact, and focusing on the relationship first before sales.

Don’t Give Up:

Garber shares his journey to success, emphasizing that success takes time, trial and error, and perseverance. He advises against viewing failures as personal and suggests learning from mistakes. Garber encourages testing different approaches, noting that success often comes from getting a few projects right out of many.


Craig Garber’s lessons underscore the need for hard work, specialization, relationship-building, effective communication, and perseverance in achieving financial success. Success, he suggests, requires a strong work ethic, specific goals, tailored marketing, meaningful interactions, and a balanced approach to selling. Garber’s journey emphasizes the importance of learning from failures and staying resilient in the pursuit of success.

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