The Psychology of Selling

The Psychology of Selling – Book Review

By: Brian Tracy

The Journey of Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy, despite not graduating high school and facing the challenges of homelessness, transformed his life by pondering why some people achieve more success. Applying the lessons learned from successful individuals, Tracy’s journey led him to consult for over 1,000 companies, deliver 5,000 speeches globally, and author 45 books. He’s a sales expert with valuable insights.

The Challenge: Apply the Customer Needs

Learn the 11 customer needs to enhance sales skills. However, the key lies in consciously applying these insights to your life and business. The challenge is to select one customer need and immediately integrate it into your sales approach for tangible results.

Need #1: Money

Recognize the universal desire for more money and understand its varied meanings for individuals. Few products directly link to this fundamental need, presenting an opportunity for strategic alignment.

Need #2: Security

Explore the pervasive human need for security in various aspects of life. Tailoring products or services to enhance customers’ sense of security creates substantial value.

Need #3: Being Liked

Acknowledge the widespread aspiration to be liked, even among those who claim not to care about others’ opinions. Products or services fostering admiration can strongly resonate with customers.

Need #4: Status and Prestige

Consider the significance of status and prestige, often reflected in purchasing decisions. Understanding how your offering contributes to customers’ status and prestige is crucial.

Need #5: Health and Fitness

Tap into the constant desire for improved health and fitness. Even if not initially apparent, reevaluating products or services from this perspective can yield innovative ideas.

Need #6: Praise and Recognition

Appreciate the positive impact of compliments and recognition. Align your offering to help customers garner more praise and recognition in their lives.

Need #7: Power, Influence, and Popularity

In B2B contexts, emphasize how your product or service can elevate customers’ power, influence, or popularity in their professional sphere, a valuable proposition.

Need #8: Leading the Field

Recognize the desire to be perceived as a leader or trendsetter. Position your product or service as a conduit for customers to assert their role in identifying the “next big thing.”

Need #9: Love and Companionship

Explore unconventional links between your offering and the universal quest for love and companionship. Creative associations can open up unexpected market opportunities.

Need #10: Personal Growth

Acknowledge the vast personal growth industry and position your product as a catalyst for accelerated achievement of customers’ diverse needs, making it a premium offering.

Need #11: Personal Transformation

Distinguish personal growth from personal transformation. Showcase how your product or service can redefine customers’ life trajectories, promising profound and positive change.

Applying the Insights

Understand that applying these needs isn’t complex, but their consistent application is often neglected. The more you integrate these needs into your sales process, the more significant the positive impact on results.

The Call to Action

Initiate change today by selecting one need that has been overlooked and refining your sales approach to address it. This strategic shift may not only boost sales but potentially lead to personal transformation.


Brian Tracy’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of learning and application. To become a better salesperson, the key lies in understanding and catering to fundamental customer needs. It’s not just about learning these concepts but consciously weaving them into your business fabric. The challenge is not merely to know but to act, making today the starting point for a more effective and fulfilling sales approach. Onwards and upwards!

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