Purple Cow

Purple Cow – Book Review

By: Seth Godin


Seth Godin’s book revolves around the central theme of transforming businesses by being remarkable. Inspired by a family vacation through the French countryside, Godin highlights the need for products or services that stand out, using the analogy of “remarkable” Purple Cows in a field of ordinary ones. The book explores why being remarkable is essential and provides insights into what remarkable means and how to achieve it.

Why do we need to be remarkable?

Godin traces the evolution of advertising through three phases—before, during, and after. In the current “after advertising” era, word-of-mouth economy has regained prominence. He emphasizes the shift from creating safe, ordinary products with great marketing to crafting products worth noticing. The formula for success now lies in creating remarkable products that the right people actively seek out.

What is remarkable?

The definition of remarkable products is explored, emphasizing that remarkable offerings often appear as opposites in the same category. Godin discusses the challenge of finding inspiration in a marketplace where the leader’s remarkable positioning is already taken. To succeed, businesses must avoid the common positions of “cheap” and “boring” and instead identify unique propositions.

How to be remarkable:

Godin introduces the concept that “ideas that spread, win.” Early adopters play a crucial role in spreading ideas, and the focus should be on finding the right people to promote products. Advertising efforts should target influential individuals who can amplify the message, leading to exponential growth. Creating an unfair advantage, differentiating customers, overcoming fear, and avoiding the trap of making only “very good” products are discussed as strategies for being remarkable.

Case In Point: Dr. Bronner’s:

The case study of Dr. Bronner’s soap exemplifies a remarkable product in a commoditized market. With unconventional packaging containing extensive, nonsensical text, Dr. Bronner’s achieved word-of-mouth success without traditional advertising. The company’s commitment to fair trade, organic farming, and social causes became integral to its marketing strategy, distinguishing it from competitors.


God in concludes by asserting that the time for businesses to be Purple Cows, or remarkable, has come. It is presented as not just a strategic choice but as the only path to success in the contemporary business landscape. The imperative is clear: start the journey to being remarkable now.

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