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The Easy Guide to Real Estate Video Content Marketing

Video MarketingThe Easy Guide to Real Estate Video Content Marketing

If you knew that 85% of the world’s content was going to be consumed in one strategy, would you follow it for over 20 years? Have you paid attention to all the changes that Facebook has been making? If you really were going deep, many saw back in the previous years when the algorithm change and it changed pretty dramatically, there was a time when you could just write something on Facebook and people would comment on it. You could take a listing and you could post the photo or a link and people would go “Wow, great listing. Congratulations.”

But what happened, Facebook clearly went all-in on video and as they made that move, suddenly your posts never showed up anymore. No longer are your listing photos and text in people’s newsfeed and the text that you were doing never showed up in people’s newsfeed unless you put your credit card in and hit the button and boost a post into everyone’s newsfeed.

What does show up? Videos. You know it and everyone knows it. The question is, have you gone on that Facebook app and tried the live button?

The live button is easy, just hold your phone out and have a conversation with all of your friends and all of the people that are in your community. Just share what it is you do and what’s great about real estate in your neighborhood/city.

We will give you a lot of insights on that but first, if you’re not convinced, consider the following two quotes Facebook came out and said about five years ago. “All the content will be video on Facebook in five years.” And “All content we will be consuming on Facebook is going to be via video.”

The Lowdown on Video MarketingThink about all the apps you look at today. Video is completely taking over the world and taking over your phone. Also, 85% of the world’s traffic will be video by this year and beyond! That’s been quoted by Google, by Cisco and other big companies. Multiple companies are all saying the same thing.

We have collided into this perfect world of video and the questions are, what are your plans? How are you going to stand out? Be recognizable, be the obvious real estate Rockstar agent that you are and make sure your database knows you as the go-to broker and agent?

Our goal is at the end of the day, we want to encourage and inspire you to not get caught behind but to instead lead in your marketplace.

So, let’s start with some of the videos we recommend. You’re going to be doing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and sometimes daily “shows”. You know what happens – you shoot one video, engagement goes through the roof, people are commenting, people are liking your video, people are giving you a thumbs up, people are giving you hearts.

So, we would love for you to be in a perfect world and doing at least two videos every week. Have you one on Monday or Tuesday and one on Thursday or Friday. The more frequency you do it, the more engagement, the more connected, the more people you reach because this is definitely the time for you to step up.

Video MarketingWhat videos should you create?

1.) Do a monthly video called “How’s the real estate market in your city?” Get a tripod, hold on and hit live. You could say;

“Hey, it’s Chad from West Van Real Estate. Super excited to be sharing with you guys today what’s happened in our market in the last 30 days. If you know anything about our city here in Vancouver, we’ve had a shortage of well-priced properties coming on the market.”

So, you basically do a three to four-minute news session on the local market. You’re going to give you a 3 to 4-minute snapshot of the market – here’s how many listings, here’s how many sales, here’s how many are pending, here’s how many closings – you give them the stats and then you tell them something interesting about it.

And add something interesting like a trend that you’re noticing:

“New condos sales are up and, resales down. Newly built are coming onto the marketplace every day.”

You see the trends, you know because as the local expert, that’s what you want to be sharing.

video marketing for real estate agents2.) Quarterly videos. For quarterly uploads, you should do something you can see. You know like “Three mistakes to avoid when buying in spring” Or “Five mistakes to avoid when buying a property in summer” Or “Seven mistakes homeowners make in the fall” And “Two mistakes home sellers make in the winter.” You get the idea but that means once a quarter, do a special seasonal video. You come out and speaking to sellers and buyers in the marketplace as the knowledge broker. For example, title a video “Here are the three biggest mistakes we see buyers are making when looking to purchase a home during summer.”

Since you are a real estate professional, you can think of more topics and share your knowledge on the most important platforms connecting with all those potential buyers and sellers and all your friends. People are going to start to recognize you and say “Wow, I see you all the time on video. Good job!”

3.) The next one is a monthly home improvement video show. Now, you might be thinking “Wait a minute, I’m in the business of selling properties. I don’t want people to fix up their homes.” Well, if you pay attention to the Zillow report, one of the most important distinctions that we got was that the single most important leading indicator of someone ready to sell their home was a home improvement.

Home sellers look for videos like “What can I do to fix up my home?” So, why not once a month be that person in your marketplace.

You could also do a video interview of people that work collaboratively with your profession. Let’s say you interview a handyman named Bob and say “Bob, what are the three things that every person could do to their house to make it perfect? To make it show-ready?” And if that was your mindset and you were really committed to contributing and helping people, you can give them good ideas for their garden, with their front yard, or with their garage.

Or it could be three things they can be doing in their kitchen – bringing up to today’s standard. Whatever it is, the bottom line is, you would be then putting out content every month teaching people how to improve their home. And guess what, those people know that you’re a Realtor with West Van Real Estate, they know you’re the rock star professional because you’re sharing all this content. It’s just one more way you’re providing value and being the area expert.

Avoiding Video Marketing4.) The next video you should absolutely do is a monthly show where you do introductions to people on your team, your partners and your vendors, everybody. You could do a simple interview type of video. Say;

“Tell us about you. Tell us about your experience. What did you do prior to real estate? How long you’ve been doing it? How many transactions did you close every month? What are the biggest mistakes you see? What are the challenges you see?”

We see what’s happening today, Real Estate is on everybody’s mind. Look at the number of reality shows that are real estate-related. People are obsessed with real estate and home improvement. You know you can take advantage of that. You can take advantage of giving people the inside scoop, the back story, the stuff they’re maybe not getting on those reality shows – that’s what you can deliver!

So, people are empowered and again, they’re going to see you as the neighborhood expert or the digital mayor. They’re going to see you as the right person they should call. They should call the one that’s bringing them the information. That’s what making and sharing videos is all about.

5.) Next is a monthly influential interview with people in your community.

Let’s say someone is buying a house. What’s important to them would be schools and transportation. They want to know what are the local restaurants, where the parks are.

These important details will be your topics on your interviews. Let’s use this example:

“Hey, I’m sitting here with John! John is the principal of the local elementary school. John, tell us about yourself. Tell us about your school. Who comes to this school?”

Just get into what are the questions that are on viewers’ minds about the school. You do the interview and post the video online and the viewers will get to know more about you and that you work at West Van Real Estate. Once again, you’re providing value to the entire neighborhood.

Now, you might be thinking this is way too much work because we’re talking about doing one to two videos every single week. We’re talking about three to four-minute videos though maybe it could be a bit longer.

This 30-60 minute of video creation on a weekly basis is well spent educating your database and by connecting with your buyers and sellers, connecting with your sphere, with all of your referral partners. It’s a way for you to start generating a ton of business – all by creating weekly videos!

video marketing6.) Let’s get into the last video you’ll produce. A monthly behind the Scenes video. You can do this at your office, whether it’s live-stream or not. It works even with just you want to walking around the office. People want to know what you do and they want to know what you’re about because they don’t understand the processes of marketing and selling a home.

You could talk about your marketing plan, that you were taking a new listing and you were talking about all the strategies and the ways that you were going to get the home sold. You can actually have somebody hold the camera and video record you. Describing the house for sale like;

“So, we just listed this beautiful three-bedroom, two-bath bungalow at the corner. This property is insanely great and we decided we’re going to throw a mega open house to see if we can drive as many possible qualified buyers into the property and create a bidding war for our seller.”

“Here’s what we did. We’ve got a caterer who’s going to bring in tacos and sodas. Plus, for the kids, we’re going to give away helium balloons. Plus do a drawing for an iPad that’s just how we’re going to market the home.”

This way, you’re actually showing them behind the scenes. That’s powerful. This makes you the expert. It shows more about you and your customers get to see behind the scenes of how you run your business. Take advantage of this video too.

And also be aware of those items required for video production – pre, post and the little tech required for the video shoot. Be mindful of the background. You might need to practice a few times before you go live.

Continue to practice, practice, practice and ask yourself these questions.

Video MarketingWhat is your intention? What do you want to do? Who are you trying to connect with? And have a conversation with yourself before you go live. It’s a bit of practice before you hit the live button.

Remember when you record live, be mindful of the noises. You grab your smartphone and use a plug-in mic that’s either a cordless or corded mic. It should give you near perfect sound quality. Use a tripod for the stabilization of your camera.

Just make the video quality gets better as you continue your video series. Consider the following, if you want to add text, you can use iMovie or something better. You can outsource all post-production from Fiverr or Upwork. Another thing you can add in are intros, outros and text for a call-to-action.

Use a few second intro and then get the video goes live. And use a call-to-action for more information “Call us at this phone number or email” Someone else can add all of that from Fiverr and Upwork. Even if it cost you $5 – $15 per video, it’s such a small amount of money to raise the level of professionalism in your videos, especially, if many agents in your marketplace are just doing live video.

Many people want to give up before they even start. However, to make yourself the expert, that’s what it’s about. Obviously, you want to boost targeted communities in your Facebook posts and that’s very important. Once the video is done, you can repurpose it. You may take sections of it and put it on other Social Media. You must also put it on YouTube. Plus, maybe run Facebook Ads directed to people in the zip codes that you want to engage with.

The next point is critical. Once that video is done, make sure you engage. Make sure you go back, reply to the comments and answer the questions of the people who commented on your posts. By the way, when you do this, Facebook and YouTube love to see engagement. In turn, they drive it back up in people’s newsfeed.

If you don’t engage on the replies and comments, you’re missing an opportunity to keep your content fresh and in front of all those people.

What Video Marketing Can Do for Your BusinessIf you are already doing video, the next level is to look at solutions like Live Stream or By using your phone, you’re literally recording/ streaming to all three at once –YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Touching all of those people simultaneously. That would be the next level for your video marketing.

So, we know it’s a lot for you to think about. Ask yourself what will be your video content in five years on Facebook and YouTube? And are you going to be in business in the next five years? If you’re going to be in business in the next five years, producing weekly videos is a must! This is a mandate for anyone that wants to be relevant and have a long-term business.

The secret? 85% of the world’s traffic will be video this year – 2020. The world’s traffic is video, think Hulu and Netflix. So if you’re asking “Does my hair look right” Or “What if I screw it up?”

Here’s the right response. Don’t worry, just practice. Do it a couple of times, then go live. By the way, heads up, your hair is always going to be a bit messed up 😊

Don’t try and be overly perfect because nothing is perfect, but you can go near it when you keep on practicing.