Selling To The C-Suite

Selling To The C-Suite – Book Review

By: Stephen Bistritz and Nicholas Read

Selling to the C-Suite: Mastering Timing and Strategy

Bistritz and Read emphasize the distinct skills and strategies required for selling to C-Suite executives, highlighting the importance of timing throughout the buying cycle. In the initial phase, executives are highly involved in strategic and significant sales, delegating finer decisions to subordinates in the middle phase, and re-engaging in the third phase to ensure delivery and benefits.

Types of Salespeople in C-Suite Engagement

The authors categorize salespeople into four types: Commodity Suppliers, Emerging Resources, Problem Solvers, and Trusted Advisors. Trusted Advisors, focusing on building personal relationships with executives, are positioned as the most effective in engaging the C-Suite.

Understanding What Executives Want

To motivate senior executives, Bistritz and Read stress understanding key business issues, business drivers, and immersing oneself in the customer’s world. Tasks include proactively engaging as a rainmaker, working backward from customer goals, adopting a routine for customer research, and asking insightful questions to understand executive perspectives.

Factors Driving Executive Decisions

The article explores crucial factors influencing executive decisions, including financial, operational, supplier, business partner, customer, competitor, and regulatory drivers. It advises salespeople to align their offerings with these drivers to gain executive attention and tailor their approach accordingly.

Gaining Access to the Executive Level

Gaining return access to C-Suite executives requires artful strategies. Befriending executive assistants, identifying the right executives, recognizing movers and shakers, and observing individuals with influence are key methods outlined to ensure sustained access.

Establishing Credibility at the Executive Level

Building credibility at the executive level involves providing value, demonstrating capability, and maintaining integrity. Executives seek advocates who can deliver on promises and demonstrate responsiveness. Credibility is achieved when executives share confidential information, seek advice on diverse issues, and involve salespeople in strategic planning meetings.

Cultivating Loyalty at the C-Suite

The article emphasizes the importance of understanding what is important to executives to cultivate loyalty. Steps include researching the client’s background, creating positive initial experiences, continually expanding relationships within the organization, providing support during challenges, and consistently seeking ways to add value.


Selling to the C-Suite demands a nuanced approach, recognizing the distinct phases of executive involvement, categorizing salespeople effectively, understanding executive needs, aligning with decision drivers, gaining and maintaining access, establishing credibility, and cultivating long-term loyalty. Successful engagement at the C-Suite level requires strategic timing, deep understanding, and a commitment to continuous value addition.

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