Pitch Anything

Pitch Anything – Book Review

By: Oren Klaff

Understanding Brain Conflict:

Oren Klaff, drawing from 10,000 hours of development experience, identifies the brain’s conflict between the instant, primal decisions made by the amygdala (crocodile brain) and the neocortex (thinking brain). This clash is attributed to the failure of pitches, where presentations assume logical processing by the neocortex but are filtered through the survival-focused crocodile brain.

The STRONG Methodology:

Klaff introduces the STRONG methodology to address pitch challenges: Setting the Frame, Telling the Story, Revealing the Intrigue, Offering the Prize, Nailing the Hook Point, and Getting a Decision. Three key factors behind STRONG’s effectiveness are discussed.

Key Factor 1: Frame Control:

Frame collisions, primal clashes of different perspectives, are explored. Klaff highlights the Power Frame, Time Frame, and Analyst Frame, providing strategies like Power Frame Collisions and Prize Frame Responses to navigate these clashes effectively.

Key Factor 2: Status:

Status is identified as critical in establishing dominant frames. Beta traps, subtle rituals that lower status, are discussed, including the lobby and conference room scenarios. Strategies like domain expertise and the Prize Frame are presented to assert and elevate status.

Key Factor 3: Eradicating Neediness:

Neediness is identified as detrimental to frame control and status. Klaff suggests strategies to eliminate neediness, such as using a strong time frame and focusing on what you do well. A step-by-step process for moving forward, including recognizing beta traps and initiating frame collisions, is outlined.


Oren Klaff’s insights into the brain conflict and the STRONG methodology offer a comprehensive approach to successful pitching. By understanding frame control, status dynamics, and the importance of eradicating neediness, individuals can navigate pitch challenges and increase their chances of positive outcomes in various social interactions. The step-by-step process provides a practical guide for implementing these strategies effectively.

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