Surrey is a large, fast-growing city that is part of the Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD). Located south of Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows separated by Fraser River, west of Langley, and east of Delta.

It is one of the most culturally rich cities with a population of 588,490 as of 2021, making it British Columbia’s second-largest next to Vancouver in terms of population.


The first recorded people inhabiting the area are the Semiahmoo and Kwantlen First Nations. Their shelters and seasonal encampments were along the Campbell River and Fraser River.

The community revolved around the coastal resources of shellfish as well as other fishes found in the river. The forest animals such as deer, elk, and bears, also provided for the first nation’s food and shelter and the coastal lakes and rivers provided links between the First Nations and the rest of the region.

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, Surrey began to see an influx of immigrants from all over the world. The early settlers needed to clear the area, which caused much distress among the locals. For centuries, its forest remained untouched. But the settlers kept coming, and Surrey started to take shape over time.

Surrey was founded in 1879 when H.J. Brewer, an Englishman coming from New Westminster but born and raised in Surrey of England, saw the land resembling his native County – the town is then named Surrey.

Downtown Area

Cloverdale, Fleetwood, Guildford, Newton, South Surrey, and Whalley, are all part of Surrey’s town centers, each with their own distinct identity and many neighbourhood parks are all within a short distance of the City Center.

Cloverdale is home to the Museum of Surrey, several sports facilities and is known as the historic centre of Surrey. The Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair are held each year in the town and it is also the site of the largest Canada Day celebration in Western Canada.

Fleetwood is Surrey’s newest town center located in the heart of the county. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and parks in this mainly residential neighbourhood. In addition to the Fleetwood Community Centre and Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex, the town of Fleetwood also has several other facilities. The famous Fleetwood Park is just one of its 25 beautiful parks.

Guildford is a booming residential district east of the city center. Restaurants and eateries are plentiful in the area. It is home to Guildford Recreation Centre and Guildford Town Centre which is the second-largest in the province. Nature trails, athletic parks and gardens are all part of its charm.

Newton is Surrey’s most densely populated town and home to a wide range of people from all over the world. The Newton Cultural Center, Bell Performing Arts Center, a large open playground, and ocean views are all part of Newton’s appeal. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Newton each year to see one of the largest Indian events, the Vaisakhi parades.

South Surrey has the beauty of nature. The scenic views of the ocean and mountains, towering trees and the Crescent Beach. The South Surrey Athletic Park is frequented by watersports enthusiasts and athletes. It has many historical landmarks, such as Historic Stewart Farm.

Whalley is one of the oldest among Surrey’s neighbourhoods. It is located just north of Surrey City Centre. An ideal location with commercial and residential skyscrapers springing up all over Whalley. These include a busy transportation hub, shopping malls, and numerous sports facilities.

Parks and Trails

The City of Surrey keeps the effort of maintaining the attractions and recreation areas for everyone. The nature and recreational areas foster an engaged community – adventure, family outings, and outdoor activities are all available in the city. 


  • Bear Creek Park(North Surrey)
  • Blackie Spit Park(South Surrey)
  • Bridgeview Park(North Surrey)
  • Brownsville Bar Park(North Surrey)
  • Crescent Beach(South Surrey)
  • Elgin Heritage Park(South Surrey)
  • Erma Stephenson Park(Guildford)
  • Green Timbers Park(North Surrey)
  • Greenaway Park (Cloverdale)
  • Port Kells Park(Guildford)
  • Redwood Park(South Surrey)
  • Royal Kwantlen Park(North Surrey)
  • Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest(South Surrey)
  • Hawthorne Park(Guildford)
  • Hazelnut Meadows Community Park(Newton)
  • Hi-Knoll Park(Newton)
  • Hjorth Road Park(Guildford)
  • Holland Park(North Surrey)
  • Holly Park(Guildford)
  • Latimer Lake(South Surrey)
  • Peace Arch Provincial Park (South Surrey)
  • Sunnyside Park(South Surrey) 
  • Surrey Bend Regional Park(Guildford)
  • Tynehead Regional Park(Guildford)
  • Unwin Park (Newton)


  • 1001 Steps(South Surrey)
  • Blackie Spit Park(South Surrey)
  • Elgin Heritage Park(South Surrey)
  • Green Timbers Lake(North Surrey)
  • Green Timbers Park(North Surrey)
  • Mud Bay Park (South Surrey)
  • Ocean Park Shoreline Walk Crescent Beach(South Surrey)
  • Semiahmoo Trail(South Surrey)
  • Serpentine Fen Wildlife Area(South Surrey)
  • Surrey Lake Park(Newton)
  • Tynehead Regional Park(Guildford)


  • Bear Creek Garden (North Surrey)
  • Darts Hill Garden Park (South Surrey)
  • Hawthorne Garden (North Surrey
  • Peace Arch Garden(South Surrey)
  • The Glades(South Surrey)

Surrey Events

There are several major events held by the City of Surrey annually.

Party for the Planet – an event happening every April in celebration of National Earth Day. It aims on educating everyone about the ways to sustain and contribute to the world. It also features musical entertainment, workshops and other family activities.

Surrey International Children’s Festival – an annual event that takes place every May. It aims to encourage young people to learn more about the diverse culture and their passion for arts through the different programs.

Surrey Canada Day – held every July. It is a family-friendly event that features a wide range of entertainment, mouthwatering food, plenty of hands-on activities and a fireworks display as the last part of the event.

Surrey Fusion Festival – an event held along with Canada Day every July. It features music concert series, food and culture.

Surrey Tree Lighting Festival – a Christmas event that starts as early as November. It’s a yearly tradition that features elaborate light shows, live music and other festive entertainment, as well as food trucks, market and other fun for the whole family.

Surrey’s Historic Sites

Each of Surrey’s town centers is also home to many preserved historic sites.

Cloverdale’s 1881 Town Hall is Surrey’s very first Townhall located at 60 Avenue and 1872 Eric Anderson’s Cabin is the oldest house in Surrey.

Cloverdale also has homes from the early 1900s that features old architectural designs; the Bourassa Farmhouse (1908), the Bose Farmhouse (1898), the Cecil Heppell House (1928), Charles Bell House (1912), the Creelman House (1936), Edward Armstrong House (1920), the Fabian Hugh House (1929), George Lawrence House (1908), Guy Richardson House (1927), and James William White House (1940).

Calkin House and Store are one of the oldest stores built in 1925 and the Bank of Montreal since 1912. The BC Southern Rail Right of Way built in 1897 also passed Surrey through Cloverdale.

Guildford is home to Port Kells Heritage sites. It includes the Port Kells Park which has been opened in public since 1933, the Port Kell Elementary School built in 1907, Port Kells Fire Hall #7 built in 1923, and the Port Kells Post Office that was built in 1929.

The Bulman’s Garage which served as an auto service shop and as a gas station built in 1948 can also be found in Guildford.

Newton, like Cloverdale, also has preserved old homes as part of its history. On the list are the Burkart House (1920), Christopher Brown House (1880), Thomas Joseph Brown House (1909), W. Gillis House (1936), George Rankin House (1918), James Johnston House (1915), Joseph Thompson Brown House (1909), and Swanson House (1932).

South Surrey has many sites historical sites. The Camp Alexandra at Crescent Beach which construction began in 1918 with other parts being added in the following years. Located in Crescent Beach as well is the Dunsmuir Historical Farm built in 1910 with added properties since the 1940s and the Stewart Farmhouse with a long history since 1894.

It is also home to many old houses kept as historical sites. The Stuart House (1922), T.H. Smith House (1910), Welsh House (1914), Willard Kitchen House (1920), William J. Whiteside House (1917), William Mackie House (1938) and William McMillan House (1930) are just a few of them. 

Unlike the rest of Surrey’s town centre, only two heritage sites can be found in Fleetwood – the Michael Morrisey House built in 1892 and the Fleetwood Memorial United Church built in 1952.


Surrey is a great place to live not just because it has a lot to offer in terms of services and activities; but also because of its proximity to Vancouver, its affordable housing, and many facilities. Consider moving to Surrey if you’re thinking about Canada.