Squamish is a municipality in the Canadian province located on the Sea to Sky Highway at the northern end of Howe Sound. It is only 40 minutes away from Vancouver and only 35 minutes away from Whistler.

With both less than just 1hr away, Squamish has been a perfect place to move to as the cost of living is cheaper compared to the other cities and municipalities in Canada. Figures reported by the province show a slight increase in Squamish’s population. It rose to 21,000 in 2021 from its population of 19,000 last 2016.

Forestry is traditionally the main industry in Squamish but its economy now is heavily dependent on tourism, focusing on outdoor adventure, sports, and nature tourism.


Members of the Squamish Nation are descended from the Coast Salish Aboriginal individuals who lived in the area since the earliest days of written history.

The Squamish history began during the European exploration of North America and the settlement of the continent date back more than two centuries ago. After the completion of the Canadian Eastern Pacific Railway in the 1910s, many foreign settlers were brought into their traditional territory in the early 20th century, and this greatly altered their way of life and culture. The port and the city both benefit from the continued presence of the line.

Squamish is governed by the Squamish Nation like other native governments. It is in everyone’s best interest to work together and establish an effective government-to-government relation between the Squamish Nation and the District of Squamish. An Intergovernmental Co-operation was signed in 2011 to establish a lasting positive connection between the two governments.



Some people consider Squamish as the adventure capital of Canada. But the downtown area is also worth exploring.

The 1914 Coffee Company – Their coffee is more than your morning coffee. It is like a global coffee experience because they serve almost all kinds of coffees from all around the world.

Sunflower Bakery and Cafe – They have the best donuts in town. They are well known for their vegan bread, sourdough bread, and their croissants.

Random and Co –It is the best hand-picked, sustainable, one-of-a-kind clothing store in town.

Garibaldi Graphics – if you’re looking for stationery, this store has it all. They have everything from antique typewriters to huge printers.

Empire of Dirt – It’s a place that has everything from antiques to local art, earrings, records, all kind of stuff. You can come every single week and their display always is different. You never know what kind of treasure you’re going to leave with.

Hearth and Mantle Giftery  – It’s at the back of Empire of Dirt but in the same space and it is a separate store. It’s great for home decor or gifts for friends or yourself.

Billy’s House – They have everything from herbs, plants, bouquets, succulents, and even home décor.

2 Chill Gelato – Everything in the store is compostable so you’re not creating any extra garbage. They have breakfast delight ice cream, and some interesting flavours.

Aligned Collective (Co-Working Space and Community Hub)– It’s a co-working space downtown with lots of small working spaces. You can safely work in a covid friendly way but it’s also a great place to meet other people. It has a kitchen area.

Lucas Teas – It has been operating for 10 years and they have some of the best teas in town.

XOCO Chocolate – It is a pastry and chocolate shop. They have handmade truffles and also Bon Bons which are bite-sized and are moulded chocolate of every single flavour available.

Can Grow Community Garden – a non-profit community garden where you’ll find a wide variety of flowers and even vegetables. If you’re looking for an electric vehicle charging, it’s just around the corner from the community gardens.

The Salted Vine – A modern downtown restaurant known for its crafted cocktails, gluten-free and vegan-friendly foods.

The Copper Coil Still and Grill – A pub that offers an international selection of craft beers and artisanal foods such as fresh seafood, smoked beef and other meats. All of the food is made in-house using locally sourced ingredients that are both organic and sustainable. It’s one of the best patios in town that gives you stunning views outside.

Howe Sound Inn and Brewing Company – An award-winning brewery and has been voted one of the best pubs in the province for its food and beer. For visitors and Squamish residents, the Howe Sound Brew Pub has become one of the area’s most sought-after destinations.

The Goat – One of Squamish’s newest bars with an outdoor patio. It’s a pub that has a pool, an arcade, and best of all a DJ booth in an old whistler gondola.

These are just a few of the favourite spots in Squamish, there’s a lot more to see and explore. Also, right next to downtown is the Estuary which has great walking trails, hiking trails, perfect for everyone.


Parks and Trails

The Squamish parks and trails are the best way to experience nature’s beauty. Numerous public parks and trails, some with breathtaking views of the ocean or rivers, others with lush forests or beautiful wetland areas. All of these nature’s beauty are well-managed and protected by the local government as well as the residents of the area.

The trail network in Squamish is legendary. Walking, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding are just some of the activities that take place on Squamish’s network of trails. Numerous volunteer hours are devoted by local community groups to the upkeep and construction of trails throughout the year.


  • Olympic Park (at Callaghan Valley, north of Squamish)
  • Stawamus Chief (close by the Sea to Sky Highway, south of Squamish)
  • Garibaldi Provincial Park (along the Sea to Sky Highway, north of Squamish)
  • Alice Lake Provincial Park (Highway 99, north of Squamish)
  • Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park (Squamish River near Brackendale)
  • Shannon Falls Provincial Park (at the Sea to Sky Highway, south of Squamish)
  • Smoke Bluffs Park and Crumpit Woods (near Squamish Adventure Center on Highway 99, northeast of downtown Squamish)
  • Porteau Cove Provincial Park (Highway 99, south of Squamish)
  • Murrin Provincial Park (near west of the Sea to Sky Highway, south of Squamish)
  • Tantalus Provincial Park (near west of the Sea to Sky Highway, north of Squamish)
  • Brohm Lake (west of Highway 99, north of Squamish)
  • Cat Lake (near east of the Sea to Sky Highway, north of Squamish)


There are about 21 hiking trails and 41 Mountain biking trails. From easy track to moderate up to the toughest trails –Squamish has it all.

Hiking Trails

  • Shannon Basin Loop – 9.5 km
  • Tantalus View Trail– 5 km
  • Al’s Habrich Trail – 8.4 km
  • Petgill Lake Trail – 11.5 km
  • Mount Mulligan – 10 km
  • Coho Park Trails – 4 km
  • Garibaldi Lake – 21.2 km
  • Panorama Trail – 1.6 km
  • Crooked Falls – 6 km
  • Upper Shannon Falls – 7 km
  • High Falls Creek – 11km
  • Mamquam River Trails – 1-4 km
  • Murrin Park Loop Trail – 1.8 km
  • Sea To Summit Trail – 7.5 km
  • Oceanfront Interpretive Trail – 2 km
  • Smoke Bluffs Park Hike – 2.3 km
  • Elfin Lakes – 22 km (Round Trip)
  • Shannon Falls – 1 km
  • Stawamus Chief Trails – 4-7 km
  • Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest – 3.5 km (Brohm Lake) 10 km (trail network)
  • 4 Lakes Trail – 6.5 Km

Mountain Biking Trails

  • White Rabbit – 3 km
  • Pamplemousse –4 km
  • Miki’s Magic – 790 m
  • Meadow of the Grizzly – 3 km
  • Section 57 – 2 km
  • Cheshire Cat – 5 km
  • High Trail East – 769 m
  • Alder Trail – 3 km
  • Road To Crackedville – 5 km
  • Rusty Bucket – 1 km
  • Sweet Judy – 793 m
  • Live Wire – 1 km
  • Silver Spoon – 310 m
  • Rampage – 600 m
  • Mountain Of Phlegm – 530 m
  • Full Nelson 700 m
  • Entrails – 5 km
  • Hoods in the Woods – 7 km
  • Wonderland – 3 km
  • Somewhere Over There – 8 km
  • Rupert – 1 km
  • Meet Yer Maker – 1 km
  • Endo – 760 m
  • Fartherside – 8 km
  • Farside – 735 m
  • Cakewalk – 1350 m
  • Ray Peters Trail – 8 km
  • Stl’lhalem Sintl’ – 1 km
  • Word Of Mouth (Lower) – 7 km
  • Credit Line – 9 km
  • Leave Of Absence – 3 km
  • Man Boobs – 1 km
  • Rollercoaster – 1150 m
  • Tracks From Hell – 500 m
  • Cliff’s Corners – 1400 m
  • Rob’s Corners – 880 m
  • Jack’s Trail – 1 km
  • 50 Shades of Green – 2 km
  • Pseudo-Tsuga (Part 1) – 8 km
  • Angry Midget – 2 km
  • Half Nelson – 2 km


Squamish Farmers’ Market – a market with over 100 vendors featuring locally made crafts, fresh and locally grown produce. The event takes place during winter and summer.

Squamish Mural Walk – a self-guided tour available year-round with more than 20 murals both new and old in the Downtown area. Coast Salish People or Squamish Nation, are recognized as the original, ancestors, and unceded owners of the land where these murals are created.

Squamish Hot Chocolate Festival – Squamish’s annual Hot Chocolate Festival is supported by the community-wide effort to promote the city’s coffee shops and artisans. Each participating location serves a delectable dessert paired with a unique hot chocolate creation.

Squamish Beer Festival – The Squamish Beer Festival is a half-day annual gathering of over 2,000 beer lovers to toast their shared love of fine brews and the beauty of the surrounding mountains. The festival also features food trucks, live music, and other entertainment.

Squamish Constellation Festival – a musical, artistic, and social feast for three days. Two stages will host live music performances by more than 40 artists representing a wide range of musical genres. There will also be a variety of food vendors and a marketplace. 


The Squamish Nation has lived in Squamish city for innumerable generations. Some of the primary values the Squamish Nation has shared certainly are the relationship, the interconnectedness to all of the natural world.

The natural surroundings inspire everybody, they share each other’s culture and loves the community. It’s a perfect place for every adventure everyone thinks of, making it a very exciting place to be.