Richmond is a coastal town in the Lower Mainland region. To the north are Vancouver and Burnaby and to the south is Delta. New Westminster to the east and into the west is the Strait of Georgia. Lulu Island, the largest and most populous island in the Fraser River delta, makes up the bulk of Richmond.

Richmond is British Columbia’s fourth-largest city with a population of 224,425 as of 2021.

A network of roadways and a tunnel connects Richmond to other cities in the Metro Vancouver area. There are two main freeways, a rapid transit line, and two railway lines that serve in Richmond. Both of Richmond’s international ports are located in the city. Sea Island is also home to Vancouver International Airport. The Canada Line and other modes of public transportation can be found at TransLink Transit Services.


The indigenous people were the first recorded people inhabiting the area. To fish and gather berries, the Coast Salish tribes set up temporary encampments on the island, which they relocated season to season.

In the 1860s, farmers were the first Europeans to settle in this area. Because of the island’s low altitude and often-soggy land, early settlements gravitated toward the river as a transportation axis. The Fraser River also served as a means of transportation from New Westminster to Richmond.

In 1879, Richmond became a borough, and in 1990, it became a city.


Parks and Trails

People who live in Richmond and visitors alike have access to a wide range of recreational facilities and natural attractions that have been well maintained. With more than 100 parks, the city can meet the health and recreation needs of its diverse and expanding population.

  • 5th Avenue Park (3257 Garry Street)
  • Aberdeen Neighbourhood Park (8331 Cambie Road)
  • Agassiz Neighbourhood Park (10711 Agassiz Crt)
  • Albert Airey Neighbourhood Park (11219 Mellis Drive)
  • Anderson Neighbourhood School Park (9460 Alberta Road)
  • Bike Terrain Park (9071 Granville Avenue)
  • Birch Neighbourhood Park (9640 Ferndale Road)
  • Blundell Neighbourhood Park (6340 Blundell Road)
  • Bridge Neighbourhood School Park (10400 Leonard Road)
  • Bridgeport Industrial Park (12408 Vickers Way)
  • Dixon Neighbourhood School Park (9331 Diamond Road)
  • Dover Neighbourhood Park (5580 Lynas Lane)
  • East Richmond Neighbourhood Park (2340 No. 8 Road)
  • Errington Neighbourhood Park (9831 Herbert Road)
  • Fedoruk Kartner Park (at the North end of Kartner Road)
  • Ferris Neighbourhood School Park (7520 Sunnymede Crescent)
  • Flight Path Park (Russ Baker Way)
  • Fraserwood Park (22020 Fraserwood Way)
  • Garden City Community Park (6620 Garden City Road)
  • Garden City Lands (5555 No.4 Road)
  • Gardens Agricultural Park (10640 No. 5 Road)
  • Garnet Tot Lot (5271 Turquoise Drive)
  • Garratt Neighbourhood Park (7504 Chelsea Place)
  • Garry Point Park (12011 7th Avenue)
  • General Currie Park (8191 Jones Road)
  • Gibbons VLA Park (4200 Westminster Highway)
  • Gilmore Neighbourhood School Park (8380 Elsmore Road)
  • Grauer Neighbourhood School Park (4440 Blundell Road)
  • Great-West Cannery Park (South Cove) (12691 No. 2 Road)
  • Hamilton Community Park (23280 Gilley Road)
  • Hamilton Highway Park (4571 Thompson Road)
  • Hamilton VLA Neighbourhood Park (23231 Willett Avenue)
  • Heather Dolphin Neighbourhood Park (9260 Dolphin Avenue)
  • Honda/Delf Playing Fields (8240 Worster Court)
  • Horseshoe Slough Recreational Trail (11551 Dyke Road)
  • McDonald Beach Park (3500 McDonald Road)
  • McKay Neighbourhood School Park (7360 Lombard Road)
  • McKinney Neighbourhood School Park (10400 Hollybank Drive)
  • McLean Neighbourhood Park (22500 McLean Avenue)
  • McMath Neighbourhood School Park (4251 Garry Street)
  • McNair Neighbourhood School Park (9460 No. 4 Road)
  • Middle Arm Dyke Trail (3000 to 4700 Blocks of River Road)
  • Middle Arm Waterfront Greenway (7411 River Road)
  • Miller Neighbourhood Park (6870 Miller Road)
  • Minoru Park (7191 Granville Avenue)
  • Mitchell Island Pier (11497 Twigg Place)
  • Mitchell Neighbourhood School Park (12091 Cambie Road)
  • Model Airplane Park (12851 Rice Mill Road)
  • Morris Neighbourhood Park (4680 Cabot Drive)
  • 7 Road Pier Park (15811 River Road)
  • Odlin Neighbourhood Park (10100 Odlin Road)
  • Odlinwood Neighbourhood Park (10811 Shepherd Drive)
  • Palmer/Garden City Neighbourhood School Park (8275 Garden City)
  • Park Lane Neighbourhood Park (6355 Woodwards Road)
  • Patterson Neighbourhood Park (Patterson Road Right-of-Way on the 8900 Block)
  • Paulik Neighbourhood Park (7620 Heather Street)
  • Quilchena Neighbourhood School Park (3760 Moresby Drive)
  • Railway Greenway (Granville Avenue to Garry Street)
  • Terra Nova South Park (6800 Barnard Drive)
  • Thompson Park (6211 Forsythe Road)
  • Thompson/Burnett Community Park (5011 Granville Avenue)
  • Tiffany Park (6191 Lynas Lane)
  • Tomsett Neighbourhood School Park (9671 Odlin Road)
  • Toyota Park (21860 Westminster Highway)
  • Walter Lee Neighbourhood School Park (9491 Ash Street)
  • Bridgeport Trail (Shell Road to Great Canadian Way)
  • Brighouse Neighbourhood School Park (6020 Azure Road)
  • Brighouse Park (7840 Granville Avenue)
  • Britannia Heritage Shipyard Park (5180 Westwater Drive)
  • Burkeville Neighbourhood Park (1060 Catalina Crescent)
  • Cambie Field Neighbourhood Park (3651 Sexsmith Road)
  • Capstan Neighbourhood Park (3311 Carscallen Road)
  • Cook Neighbourhood School Park (8600 Cook Road)
  • Debeck Neighbourhood School Park (8500 Ash Street)
  • Diefenbaker Neighbourhood School Park (10300 Fundy Drive)
  • Hugh Boyd Community Park (9200 No. 1 Road)
  • Imperial Landing Park (4000 Bayview)
  • Iona Beach Regional Park (Iona Island Causeway)
  • Katsura Neighbourhood Park (9260 Ferndale Road)
  • Ketcheson Neighbourhood Park (3233 Ketcheson Road)
  • Kidd Neighbourhood School Park (10851 Shell Road)
  • Kilby Park (Rose Garden) (10511 Kilby Drive)
  • Kilgour Neighbourhood School Park (8580 Kilgour Road)
  • King George/Cambie Community Park (4100 No. 5 Road)
  • Kingswood Neighbourhood School Park (11511 King Road)
  • Kozier Neighbourhood Park (10491 Kozier Drive)
  • Lang (Saba/Buswell) Park (8211 Saba Road)
  • Lansdowne Linear Park (7811 Lansdowne Road)
  • Lee Slough (11971 Hammersmith Way)
  • London Farm (6511 Dyke Road)
  • London Wharf Park (6062 Dyke Road)
  • London/Steveston Neighbourhood School Park (10440 No. 2 Road)
  • Lord Byng Neighbourhood School Park (3711 Georgia Street)
  • MacNeill Neighbourhood School Park (6611 No. 4 Road)
  • Manoah Steves Neighbourhood School Park (10111 4th Avenue)
  • Maple Lane Neighbourhood Park (7671 Alouette Drive)
  • Mariner’s Village Neighbourhood Park (11411 7th Avenue)
  • Marrington Neighbourhood Park (8831 Cullen Crescent)
  • McCallan Neighbourhood Park (6360 Coltsfoot Drive)
  • Richmond High Neighbourhood School Park (7171 Minoru Blvd)
  • Richmond Nature Park (11851 Westminster Highway)
  • Richmond Nature Park East (5991 Jacombs Road)
  • Richmond Street Neighbourhood Park (3040 Richmond Street)
  • Rideau Neighbourhood Park (8560 Demorest Drive)
  • Sandiford Tot Lot (5600 Sandiford Pl)
  • Sea Island Community Centre Park (7140 Miller Road)
  • Sea Island Neighbourhood School Park (1891 Wellington Crescent)
  • Shell Road Recreational Trail (from Alderbridge Way south to Athabasca Drive)
  • Skateboard Park (5360 River Road)
  • South Arm Community Park (8680 Willams Road)
  • South Dyke Doggie Park (13900 No. 3 Road)
  • South Dyke Trail (Dyke Road)
  • Steveston Community Park (4011 Moncton Street)
  • Steveston Town Square Park (3791 Moncton Street)
  • Sturgeon Banks Natural Area (West Dyke Trail)
  • Homma Neighbourhood School Park (5100 Brunswick Drive)
  • Tait Neighbourhood School Park (10071 Finlayson Drive)
  • Tait Waterfront Park (9991 River Drive)
  • Talmey Neighbourhood Park (9500 Kilby Drive)
  • Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment (2340 River Road)
  • Terra Nova Natural Area (2700 Westminster Highway)
  • Terra Nova Neighbourhood School Park (3551 Westminster Highway)
  • Terra Nova Rural Park (2631 Westminster Highway)
  • West Dyke Trail (Dike from Terra Nova Rural Park to Garry Point Park)
  • Westwind Neighbourhood School Park (11371 Kingfisher Drive)
  • Woodward Neighbourhood School Park (10300 Seacote Road)
  • Woodwards Landing (11551 Dyke Road)
  • Woodwards Slough (9400 Dyke Road)
  • Wowk Neighbourhood Park (5380 Woodwards Road)


Following is a list of the city’s annual cultural events, festivals, and programs.

  • Children’s Art Festival – the city hosts a day of arts activities for children and their families. These activities are led by professional artists in the fields of music, visual art, literature, and performance.
  • Richmond Maritime Festival – an annual event that features the historical site (Britannia Shipyard) with live music, performers, family-friendly activities and more.
  • Richmond World Festival – a two-day celebration of music and heritage. Hundreds of performances, food trucks, cultural activities, and so much more are included in this free event.
  • Culture Days – a free arts and culture festival.
  • Farm Festival – a free event that supports local agricultural and food production. It also features live music, exhibits, and farm animals.

Other Interesting Places

Richmond is home to a thriving artistic community with numerous boutiques selling a wide range of goods from fashion and jewelry to foodstuffs found in shopping centers. Several talented artists and crafters are selling a variety of beautiful handmade goods and relics of our time together. 

  • Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site
  • Georgia Cannery National Historic Site
  • Richmond Museum
  • Steveston Museum
  • London Heritage Farm
  • Richmond Art Gallery
  • Moon & Back Gallery
  • Gateway Theatre
  • Richmond Orchestra and Chorus
  • River Rock Show Theatre
  • International Buddhist Temple (second-largest in North America)

Shopping Centres

  • Richmond Centre
  • Lansdowne Centre
  • Aberdeen Centre
  • Parker Place
  • Yaohan Centre

Come to Richmond and have fun!  Explore the city’s diverse art scene and history, or peruse the shops for a unique souvenir. While the parks and trails are serene and beautiful, the working docks are dynamic and timelessly relevant in today’s world.

Everything is in this city. Whatever your plans are for the day, you’ll find something in Richmond.