Pitt Meadows

Pitt Meadows

Pitt Meadows is an agricultural city located west of Maple Ridge and east of New Westminster. More than 80% of Pitt Meadows are of nature and agriculture and as you head north, you’ll come across Pitt Lake, the world’s largest freshwater lake.

It is a small tight-knit community with a population of 18,573. It is just 40 minutes drive going to the popular Downtown of Vancouver.

History of Pitt Meadows

The Katzie First Nation is the first settlers and has been the only people occupying the area until the 1870s when the Europeans arrived (Anglo-Saxons). The area was named after William Pitt, the former British Prime Minister, and the same name was also given to the surrounding river and lake (Pitt River and Pitt Lake).

In 1874, the town of Maple Ridge was established, which at the time also included Pitt Meadows. But Pitt Meadows citizens pleaded in 1892 to be separated from the District of Maple Ridge. At that time, Pitt Meadows was just a small community with over 200 people making their day-to-day living by farm and supplying local fresh produce to Vancouver and New Westminster.

Then the community grew in 1910 when new foreign settlers came in. For a time, it was an unincorporated area before being incorporated as a separate municipality in 1914. Pitt Meadows then became incorporated as a city in 2007.

At present, the Katzie First Nation still lives in the city.


There are numerous shops and grocery stores in Pitt Meadows.

A 420,000 square-foot shopping mall MeadowTown Centre and the 111,716 square-feet Meadow Vale Shopping Centre, offer almost everything from a wide selection of food outlets to a top-end theatre to vast clothing stores, home products accessory stores, and a variety of service providers.

There are several excellent coffeehouses, pubs and restaurants. There’s Blenz Coffee, Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co., Tim Hortons, The Wedge Bar and Grill and there are still more!

For Asian cuisine and treats, the city has Akasaka Japanese, Sango Sushi, Kabuki Sushi, Kisoji Japanese, Pad Thai, Meadow Sushi, Sushi House and DT Pho & Coffee Vietnamese Noodle House.

Parks and Trails

Pitt Meadows is a great place if you’re looking for a city with great parks, trails, dyke systems and other amenities. Its year-round access and fun through outdoor sports, trails paths, natural areas under protection, and recreational activities all readily available to the general public.

  • Advent Park(12297 188 Street) Amenities: Playground.
  • Eagle Park(11929 189a Street) Amenities: Playground, green spaces and benches.
  • East Morningside Park(Butternut Lane) Amenities: Playground, picnic areas and benches.
  • Linden Grove Park(19771 Wildwood Crescent) Amenities: Playground and benches.
  • Lions Fun Park(11256 Harris Road) Amenities: Playground, picnic tables and benches.
  • MacLean Park(190a Street) Amenities: Playground, picnic tables, green spaces, sports court and benches.
  • Mitchell Road Park(19000 Mitchell Road) Amenities: Playground, green spaces, tennis court and benches.
  • North Bonson Park(121 Block of Blakely Road) Amenities: Playground, dog off-leash area, baseball/softball field and benches
  • North Commons Park(19503 Hoffmann Way) Amenities: Playground, picnic tables, green spaces and benches.
  • Shinglebolt Park(1958 Shinglebolt Crescent) Amenities: Playground, picnic tables, green spaces and benches.
  • West Morningside Park(Honeydew Drive) Amenities: Playground and benches.
  • Pitt Meadows Athletic Park(11432 Bonson Road) Amenities: Sports courts, baseball/softball field, and soccer fields.
  • Harris Road Park(12474 Lougheed Highway) Amenities: Baseball/softball field and soccer fields, playground, picnic areas, pool and skatepark.
  • Somerset Park(12778 Bonson Road) Amenities: Baseball/softball field, tennis court and soccer field.
  • Youth Action Park(12460 Harris Road) Amenities: Skate park, inline skating


Pitt Meadows is a lovely place and being outside taking advantage of the weather is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Residents and visitors take advantage of the city’s trail, which extends to the Pitt River allowing people to bike, hike, with their dogs and family along for the journey.

  • Katzie Marsh Loop (Pitt Wildlife Management Area)
  • Alouette River Dykes Trail
  • Pitt Meadows Regional Greenway (Shoreline Park)
  • Harris Park Trail
  • Goose Lake Trail
  • Trans Canada Trail (Alouette River Dyke to Pitt River)
  • Widgeon Falls
  • Pitt-Addington Marsh (Pitt Wildlife Management Area)
  • Blaney Creek to Pitt River
  • Pitt Lake Paddle

Off-Leash Park

Currently, Pitt Meadows has two parks where dogs are permitted to run free.

  • Hoffmann Park (l191B Street and 19130 Advent Road)
  • North Bonson Park (121 Block, Blakely Road)
Pitt Meadows


Pitt Meadows has a plethora of seasonal celebrations, local events, and markets.

  • Artists on Our Parks – a summer event for residents and visitors. It aims to promote community connections and the amusement of public parks. Performers, artists, actors, dancers, and other entertainers of all mediums are all included in the event.
  • Pitt Meadows Culture Days – a culture campaign that happens across Canada. It’s a free event about arts, culture and history.
  • Summer Serenade – a free concert series from July to August at Spirit Square.
  • Pitt Meadows Day – a free community event that features live music, food trucks, parades, hand-crafts and local markets with kid-friendly activities.
  • Remembrance Day – Pitt Meadows’ ceremony in honouring those who have served the country and the community during times of war.
  • Canada Day – an event featuring kid-friendly activities, live music, entertainment and a food market.
  • Christmas in Pitt Meadows – an annual holiday tradition that turns Spirit Square into a Christmas village featuring live music, tree illumination, a holiday train and food stalls.

Other Interesting Places

  • Ridge Meadows BMX (17130 Barnes Road) – a BMX track provided by non-profit organizations giving riders a fun and secure environment to ride in.
  • Pitt Meadows Community Garden (11410 Bonson Road) – a community garden promoting locally grown fruits, vegetables and flowers. The campaign is also about the discouragement of the use of pesticides.
  • Pitt Meadows Art Gallery (12492 Harris Road) – a beautiful free art gallery showcasing the works of various local artists both new and old.
  • Pitt Meadows Museum and Archives – the museum consists of two buildings; the Old General Store building located at 12294 Harris Road and the Hoffmann and Son Machine Shop at 12277 Harris Road. The museums are part of the city’s heritage site as they were built in 1886. They also host events and conduct teachings about the place’s history.

Though it is considered a small place that began as a suburban rural town. It’s a great place to raise a family, work, and play. With its location being close to Vancouver’s downtown, people find both the conveniences of a big city and the wealth of beautiful, breathtaking views of nature, mountains and land. Even so, far enough away to appreciate the charm of a small country town.

Pitt Meadows has now made the transition to urban living and the city’s population has grown steadily. It now has a small-town urban vibe and nature’s gifts worth visiting.