Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge

The city of Maple Ridge is in between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears, a group of mountain peaks, about an hour in the northeastern part of Greater Vancouver. Maple Ridge has a population of just over 91,000 people as of the most recent census (2022).

The name Maple Ridge was chosen because of the maple trees that grow there and its main economy is in forestry and agricultural industry. It is a widely known venue for both films and television shows. Some of the famous movies the city has featured were The X-files and Smallville.

History of Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge has a rich history. Its first nations Katzie and Kwantlen has been around the area for about 10,000 years and it was first colonized in the 1850s.

The settlers’ influx grew more in 1858 because of the rich farmlands which become the city’s most important resource. It became third of British Columbia’s district municipalities in September 1874 and is the province’s fifth-oldest municipality.

Maple Ridge has become a part of the Metro Vancouver in 1995 and it became a city from a district municipality status in September 2014. It happened on the same day as Maple Ridge’s 140th anniversary of becoming part of BC’s district municipalities.

Parks and Trails

A wide variety of outdoor adventures can be enjoyed in Maple Ridge thanks to the city’s vast system of parks and trails. The size of a park can vary widely, from a small to a large park, depending on whether it is a municipal park or a community park. More than 100 kilometres of riding and hiking trails which also includes 60 kilometres in the neighbouring Golden Ears Provincial Park. Aside from national parks, there are also state and provincial parks where people can go for fun in the great outdoors.

  • Albion Park (104 Avenue)
  • Alexander Robinson –(108 Avenue)
  • Allco Park (Alouette Road)
  • Alouette Park (220A Street)
  • BCIT Woodlot W0007 (Dewdney Trunk Road)
  • Beckett Park (223 Street)
  • Belle Morse Park (Jim Robson Way)
  • Birch Mini Park (230A Street)
  • Boundary Park (261 Street)
  • Brickwood Park (225 Street)
  • Brown Avenue Park (224 Street)
  • Callaghan Park (Callaghan Street)
  • Camwood Park (McFarlane Avenue)
  • Cedar Park (132 Avenue)
  • Chilcotin Mini Park (Alpine Crescent)
  • Cliff Park (116 Avenue)
  • Cook Park (Cook Avenue)
  • Cottonwood North Park (238B Street)
  • Deer Fern Park (236 Street)
  • Emmeline Mohun Park (Wharf Street at Hazelwood)
  • Fairview Park (122 Avenue)
  • Fletcher Park (Fletcher Street)
  • Fraser River Walk & Park (River Road)
  • Golden Ears Provincial Park (Fern Crescent)
  • Hammond Park (Lorne Avenue)
  • Hampton Park (Spring Crescent)
  • Haney Nokai Park (222 Street)
  • Harry Hooge Park (230 Street)
  • Holly Park (117 Avenue)
  • Homestead Park (102A Avenue)
  • Horseman’s Park (224 Street)
  • Jerry Sulina Park (210 Street)
  • Jim Hadgkiss Park (116 Avenue)
  • Jordan Park (117 Avenue)
  • Kanaka Creek Regional Park (River Road)
  • Kin Park (121 Avenue)
  • Lion’s Park (Laity Street)
  • Maple Ridge Park (232 Street / 132 Avenue)
  • Maple Ridge Upper Park (at 236 Street)
  • Memorial Peace Park (224 Street)
  • Merkley Park (124 Avenue)
  • Pioneer Park (230 Street)
  • Raymond Park (119 Avenue)
  • Red Alder Park (239B Street)
  • Reg Franklin Park (123 Avenue)
  • Rieboldt Park (Tamarack Lane)
  • Ruskin Park (280 Street)
  • Selvey Park (106 Avenue)
  • Storey Green Mini Park (224 Street South)
  • Telosky Stadium & Thomas Haney Youth Action Park (116 Avenue)
  • Thornhill Park (98 Avenue)
  • Tolmie Park (Lorne Avenue)
  • Volker Park (123 Avenue)
  • Webster’s Corner Park (Dewdney Trunk Road)
  • Westview Park (Wicklund Avenue)
  • Whonnock Lake Park (113 Avenue)
  • Wild Play Adventure Park (Fern Crescent)
Maple Ridge


  • GLOW Maple Ridge– Maple Ridge has a long history of decorating its streets for the holidays.  Maple Ridge is a fantastic place to visit during the winter holidays. 
  • Maple RidgeChristmas Festival – an annual Christmas event held every December where families enjoy free activities that include the Parade, live music, Santa meet-and-greet, and stunning Christmas decorations.
  • CP Holiday Train – a Christmas-themed train ride travelling the country, stopping in towns and cities along the way. It features a free concert benefiting over 198 food banks across North America.
  • Celebrate the Night – an annual event by volunteers. It is a night of fun and excitement. It features performers, local businesses and vendors.
  • Culture Day – Canada’s largest community event that promotes culture, arts and history for free.
  • Remembrance Day – a commemoration of the people who sacrificed, who have served in the military and the veterans from World War II.
  • Art Studio Tour – an annual open studio tour by Maple Ridge’s artists.
  • Earth Day – a family-friendly event that includes entertainment as well as food and exhibits.
  • Haney Farmers Market – a weekly market In the heart of the downtown market that brings local food producers and consumers together. It is an activity for local foodies and vendors selling fresh farm produce.
  • Ridge Meadows Home Show & Family Fest – an event that mostly talks about how to remodel and decorate a home.
  • Caribbean Festival – It’s an annual event that promotes arts, culture, food and history from the Caribbean.
  • Maple Ridge Country Fest – an event that features live performances, market stalls, animal displays, and other family-friendly attractions.
  • Music on the Wharf – A festival that features outdoor concerts, movie screenings, and art exhibitions which is free to attend.

Other Interesting Places

  • Albion Fairgrounds (Jim Robson Way, 104 Avenue) – It has a wide green space, community gardens, picnic areas, a spray park, and an off-leash dog area.
  • Albion Sports Complex (104 Avenue) – It features a sports ground/field.
  • Camp Whonnock (Dewdney Trunk Road) – Perfect for camping and picnics.
  • Country Lane Estates North (102A Avenue) – It has benches, a playground and a spray park.
  • Creek’s Crossing (240A Street) – It has benches and a playground.
  • Cross’s Cabins (Fern Crescent) – It has a wide green space, benches and river access.
  • Davidson’s Pool (128 Crescent) – River access to Alouette River.
  • Dewdney Parkette (Dewdney Trunk Road) – It has benches and a playground.
  • Hammond Dog Off-Leash Area (Wharf Street) – Trails and an off-leash dog area.
  • Hammond Outdoor Pool (Westfield Avenue) – It has benches, a wide green space, a kids’ playground and a sports ground.
  • Haney House Museum (224 Street) – It is a historical home of the Haney family which is a hundred years old already. Inside are well-kept antiques, family property remnants and keepsakes.
  • Horseshoe Creek (Gilland Loop) – It has benches and a kid’s playground.
  • Malcolm Knapp Research Forest (Silver Valley Road) – It offers walking trails and a beautiful lake.
  • Maple Ridge Leisure Centre (Haney Place) – A sports facility with pools and waterslides.
  • North Alouette Regional Greenway – it offers walking trails, horseback riding and biking trails.
  • Planet Ice (Jim Robson Way) – A complex that features a skating rink, and sports shop.
  • The ACT Arts Centre (Haney Place) – It features an art gallery, a theatre and a gift shop.
Maple Ridge

It’s no surprise that Maple Ridge is a hotspot for outdoor enthusiasts, given its proximity to mountains and waterways. Hikers, bikers, and others who enjoy the outdoors will delight in the natural splendour of the region. It’s also possible to go fishing, swimming, or take your dog to a dog park.

If you have never been to Maple Ridge, consider visiting this place, you definitely must check it out. The number of people visiting Maple Ridge could go higher than expected on huge events or festivals and the place gets insanely busy.