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How to Use Eventbrite to Find Buyers and Seller Leads

EVENTBRITEHow to Use Eventbrite to Find Buyers and Seller Leads

We’re going to be covering using Eventbrite for Realtors,and specifically how real estate agents can generate leads through running events.
You could restart your career in any city with Eventbrite. Eventbrite allows you to run events because nothing can give you quality leads like events. Eventbrite is a great marketing tool that you can leverage. It works because it gives you a face to face meeting.If you did a small event where you only had six people or more,those face-to-face meetings are high quality. You could do one or two meetings a week or in a month and get face to face with fifteen or more people, those meetings are golden to you.
When you have events,it gives you marketing power because you always have something to market yourself. You can post on social media,do blog posting,calling your database,or follow up with people.You’ll have something new you can promote.It also helps with building a database because when you run events, you’re gathering contact details who are enrolling and registering for your webinar,seminar,tour,or client appreciation event.
You not only get brand new people being added to your database but it updates people’s contact information as well.If we did a client appreciation event and then we created an Eventbrite page where people had to register to confirm they were going,we could ask other information such as their address because maybe we don’t have everybody’s address in the database.
It’s a way for you to build and clean your current,existing database.Then with lead follow-up,it gives you an advantage because it gives you a reason as to why you are picking up the phone and why you are following up with people and then also asking for referrals.So, by doing client events,you’ll end up getting more and more referrals and referrals are one of the cheapest sources of business for you in real estate.

How to Use Eventbrite

getting started
When you have set the new date and time,you’ll be able to start posting social media posts and do email marketing.You can even include that event in a monthly email blast.You should include the theme of your event in the emails.
Should you do large client appreciation events? Yes –however, that’s beyond the scope of this article. But what you should consider is doing larger quarterly events.This is where you’ll find the real magic.When you get ten to twenty people in a room or at a gathering,it gives you more face-to-face time. You have the chance to go deeper in to the conversation and truly build a relationship with the people.
If you could do that every month or every other month or atleast quarterly,it will probably be better than a one-off big event once a year.If you could do six or twelve smaller events and still get ten to twenty people,the conversations and the relationships built there area lot stronger.So, we suggest doing events every month.
evenbrite reconnect with peopleThese Eventbrite events allow you to reconnect with people that you haven’t talked to in a long time.Now,you’re probably wondering what type of events would you do on a monthly basis?The reason why you should start doing these smaller events?It’s because picking up the phone will become easier.
This way you have an event to look forward to and use for client follow-ups and touching base.Now,because you have a new event every month, you always have a new reason for calling people and following up with them.
A few examples of the sessions that you could do on a monthly basis are:
  • Paint nights
  • Downtown Tour
  • Go-Karts
  • Monster Trucks
  • Hockey Games
  • Paint Ball
  • Driving range
  • Golf Lessons
  • Comedy Show
  • Live Theatre
  • Concert
  • Art Lessons
  • Bowling Night
  • Dance Class
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Diving Lessons
It’s just a fun way to do business every month.Just pick out something that you want to do and set the date and time and then get a group of people to go out.For example,with a driving range.Contact the local driving range and ask them if they have anybody that can teach lessons.Ask them if you got a group of 8 to 15 people,how much would it be and they’ll tell you what that number is and then you would start inviting people.
eventbriteAnd have them pay their own way in.This is the best part about it compared to a huge client appreciation event where you’re the one paying for everything.But these more frequent smaller meetups,the people pay for themselves.For example,the diving lessons. Normally it’s $65 a person,to do the diving lesson for a 2-hour lesson.Well,we got a group rate because you’redoing it as a group. Now everybody gets a lower price and they’re all paying for themselves.All you have to do is set the date and the time and start inviting people.
More examples would be like a business networking night.You can actually do that quarterly because every quarter would be a good idea for businesses to network and get to know each other. For the summer,you could do a mani-pedi party where you do manicures and pedicures and it’s just everybody sitting around.Look for a Groupon deal to do that.Contact a wine shop and do a wine tasting event.Just make it like a fun evening.
A spring car wash charity is also great. You could do it in the parking lot of a local business and invite all of them to come.Have everyone pay $10 to $20 for a car wash and you have a team of kids who are fundraising for some sort of charity.It’s like a triple win.
eventbrite videoYou can make a video about the events and post it on social media and then afterward,you can do a recap and email everybody to let them know what all happened.This just gets you in the motion of calling people.You should have the rule to call three people a day so before you start your business day before you start answering emails and checking Facebook and getting carried away with the day-to-day operations,make sure to call three people a day from your database.
It’s just really good practice,you just time block it. You don’t have to do anything fancy.Just three people a day. One of the reasons why Realtors don’t call their database is because they don’t have anything to say.They feel like a nuisance.Well,if you have a new event happening every month that you’re excited about,that gives you a reason to call people.
You will call people on your database and many won’t be interested in that event. Let’s say you’re going to do a running clinic in the spring. Probably a lot of people in your database would not be interested in that but when you call them,you tell them the details and at the same time you’ll try to ask them for referrals.
Say:“Hey,I don’t know if you’d want to do this but you might know somebody who does.Do you know anybody who’s into running?Because we’re doing this event and it’s at the end of the month.We’re going to be  doing it down at Running Room and anyways,I just didn’t want you to miss out.I thought I’d keep you in the loop.”
eventbrite eventMost of the people that you talk to are not going to be interested in the event.It could be that they don’t like you,or they don’t want to go to the event.You may already know most people don’t even want to go,even if it’s super cool and fun.But that is not an excuse or reason for you not to call them and calling three people a day is slow and steady.
If you can just start calling three people a day with areal reason,magic happens,when you start creating these events,it creates a whole bunch of marketing material you can leverage. You do a social media post,you can do a blog post,you can do an email blast and you can pick up the phone.Basically,it is always be marketing.Everything you look at is a marketing event.
Now for the good stuff…
Running events is like herding cats.If you’ve ever tried to chase down a cat but it’s pretty much impossible.Same thing with doing your events. Tracking how many people are going to go to your movie day,is a lot of people to keep track of. Trying to find out if they’re actually going or not is a lot to keep track of too.If they did just say that they’re going to go but don’t have intentions of attending. And If they are going,how many people will come?There are all these little fine details and so we had to start tracking people.
And guess what, you can use Eventbrite to track people who sign up. Eventbrite is a big operation and it’s totally free. Eventbrite also gives you a free landing page for your event,plus you can embed that on your website.You can make a free-standing landing page on your own. You could embed that landing page on a website so instead of driving people to or to your particular posting,you can just drive them to your blog or drive them to your website.It’s better to drive traffic to your own source so you should embed it on your website.
eventbrite crmEventbrite even has a built-in CRM,so that before the event,you could do a mass email to everybody who registered to remind them of the date and time.Then after the event,when you take all those photos of everybody having fun,you do another mass email recapping and saying thanks to everybody for joining the fun.
It also integrates with Zapier,so anybody who registers for your Eventbritecan automatically be added to your database through Zapier. Eventbrite does paid and free events as well,so sometimes if you do want to do a paid event,you can charge people for the event too.For now, you’re just going to do the free events.
When you do a paid event,Eventbrite charges a percentage.It’s like two to three percent,depending on what plan you’re on but if you’re going to be doing free tickets,which most of you are,then it’s totally free.It even gives you an organizer app,so that when you’re checking people induring the event,you can scan their tickets at the door.So,you could have somebody with an iPad scanning everybody’s ticket.
Eventbrite is organic so people just happen to find these events and register and go.You might as well get your events put on Eventbrite because a lot of people go to Eventbrite looking for things to do.It’s got organic search,meaning people just happen to naturally be there and looking for stuff to do plus it’s something that you can do.
eventbriteOn the flip side start searching for events in your area that relate to what you’re looking for.That’s what you can do,just pop in and see what they’re up to. Eventbrite has anything you’re interested in,so you can go there and see if there’s something happening in your city and then create your own similar event for your clients and others who are interested in the same thing.
An example of a landing page that we could use is West Vancouver Townhome tour.Drive around looking at duplexes,triplexes and other town home-style properties.The description will be “Join us for a free tour of townhomes and attached homes for sale in West Vancouver.” This is all keyword-search friendly by the way.This helps with organic Google search results.
We’ll be looking at the duplex,triplex,and townhomes. Once they’re registered,we’ll include them on our weekly list of deals.Mention they can watch from home,that’s a key paragraph that you should add because a lot of people will use your date and time as a reason for why they don’t register.So, always include that.It would go like this;
“Hey,register anyway and we’ll keep you in the loop.This is a two-hour tour we do monthly.Register and get invites to our monthly tour education on buying your first home and renovating your next home, plus receive market stats and solds. And there’s more, you’ll get our guide to contractors and services to help you renovate on a budget.”
evenbrite registration“You must arrive on time because we’ll leave right on time. We’ll meet at the first home with the tour info pack.Questions or running late?Text me,that’s it.”
Why go to all these steps? Well, instead of doing a two-hour open house and no one shows up –you control the homes you show and get commitments from people to show up!
Tip: Eventbrite has different categories so you can just go to Eventbrite and do a search for what’s happening and they have different categories based on what your interests are.You can search based on events or hobbies.Search on getting outside and doing things.Search for business and networking opportunities as well.Do this for your own personal networking opportunities and get some ideas for your Eventbrite home.
Before we move on,let’s set up an event at Eventbrite. Pick a date,anything you want to try.Here’s what you could do with your own contacts and database.
Step one,if you want new buyer leads and investing leads then maybe you want to consider doing a buyer seminar,as a first-time home buying or first-time investor seminar.Find a local mortgage broker in your area and partner up with them.The two of you can put on your own events too.
eventbrite websiteStep number two set the date.Step number three,make the landing page. Step four is you post that on your blog,your website or social media.Step number five is doing an email blast to everybody with links to either the social media post, Eventbrite,or to the blog post and step number six, start calling three people a day to follow up on interests for the event.
What you want to do is every month have something on your horizon.That way you’ve always got something you can look forward to. Whenever people ask what’s new?You’ve always got something new to share, that you can talk about.If that person says no then just ask how they’ve been doing this year. It’s an easy way to continue your conversation.It’s easy when you have a future event and this strategy doesn’t have to cost you anything.

How to Use Eventbrite

Type in the city you’re in.It will probably already pick off the city you are in and in the image below, it’s set already in Vancouver.
Eventbrite will then show you below what are the upcoming popular events in the area.
Popular search
You can see some categories on top of the suggested events but there’s a see more tab at the bottom which will direct you to another page that gives more filter options. See the image below.
Search filter
Click on more filter tab and more options will appear on the right pane. You will see in there the different categories,pick one,click apply and then it shows you all the upcoming events.
Filter Options
So, anytime you go to a new city, go to Eventbrite and then check out what’s happening because there’s a lot of stuff that is happening and there are many networking business events you could attend too.Now that’s how consumers use this website, but how do you use it? How are you going to create your first posting?

How to Setup Eventbrite

Eventbrite has a default 4 step-by-step process to assist you if you’re new or if you’ve just created a new account but you can skip it. We will just run through a quick steps process to create your page fast. It’s easy because the whole process allows you to edit wherever phase you’re at and also allows you to publish without completing all details–be sure that you add all the details you need from the clients and the details necessary about the event.
Step 1. Establishing the basic details of the event.
On the upper right, click the create event tab.
Event tab
You will then have to fill-in 3 forms to start your page –the Basic info, Location and the Date and Time.
Basic info
Location and Date
Under Basic info –we used Vancouver Townhome Tour as the event title and fill-in other categories related to Real Estate. The tag improves the discoverability of your event so make sure to add one.
Basic info
On the location part, you can just type-in the address you preferred in the search box under the venue tab. It will open suggested locations and just choose from it.After choosing a location, it will then open a map.
Under Date and Time –just choose your preferred schedule that you think will fit your attendees’ availability.
Date and Time
Click save and continue.This will only save your progress but will not publish it yet. Along the process, you’ll have an option to publish it on spot or to publish it on a schedule you set. You will also be asked to save your work from every progress you make.
Save and Continue
After saving it, the next page will now give you an overview of your progress. There’s a dashboard where you get to manage your event.
The dashboard on the left pane shows the details; the 3 parts we begin with are the Basic info which now has a check.The details now will require you to upload an image and write in the event’s description.

Step 2.Making an image and description.

Your image should be related to your event but it’s nice to make it colorful and catchy as well.Size must be 2160×1080 so that you won’t have an extra task to edit your image after uploading it. It saves you another step. You may have various sources but we suggest if you don’t have one yet. It’s user-friendly and offers a lot of templates ready and free to use by just creating an account.
Main Event
Side note:
On, after you create an account, scroll down from the search box. At the bottom,choose custom dimensions and add the preferred size of Eventbritethen click create design.You will now have a blank canvas to work on. It’s quick and easy.You can use any template and modify it.Click on the text to edit it.When you’re ready, click the download button and head back on over to Eventbrite to upload it. Below is the image we made from
Canva Sample
Once you’redone there,type up the overview of the event itself.It’s literally just like using a word document. Just click and start typing.
The short summary would be something to make attendees excited. While next to it is a box for the long description.
Divide the description into 2 parts. The first is about the tour while the second is about the Realtor. Here’s an example:
(First part)
Join us for a live tour of Real Estate Investments for sale in North Vancouver! On this week’s tour, we’ll be looking at apartments and condos below $400,000 and more!
Can’t make the date and time? Register anyways. We’ll include you on our weekly listings of deals so you can watch from home.
This is a 3-hour tour that we do monthly.
You must arrive on time because we ‘ll leave right on time. Questions or running late? Text: your number here
(Second part)
Want to book private showings and start looking this week?
Call or text John direct at your number here.
John Smith –Sales Representative
ABC Realty Inc.
your number here
You also want to enter what your plans are. You’ll point out things to watch for buying, selling and investing. Also, put in your contact information. After that, click the save and continue button again to proceed on the third part of the dashboard which is the Ticket.
Step 3. Tickets
Below is a sample form to fill-in.
You’re going to create a free ticket.After you name your ticket, make sure it’s clear for them to see it’s free.You can set a cap for the quantity available.If there is only room for 24 people in the boardroom for a meeting or if a home tour maxes out at 24 people, add a cap.
There is an advanced setting below it so make sure to check it out because of some important details.
Here is an example of the description for your tickets:
“Can’t make the day and time? Register anyways to be included next time.”Then add your contact details.
Advanced Settings
It’s best to set it to the public so people can find the event. Find the best option for you.And when there’s a subcategory select this too.You can show the number of remaining tickets available if you know that you’re always going to sell out or fill up but if you know that your registrations are going to be lower,then you wouldn’t do that.
A lot of people use the date and time as a reason for not registering. You always allow the ticket sale right away. Up until the time of the event, you would also allow people to request more tickets.
Once you click the save tab,it gives you other options. Don’t click the publish button yet,click the save button and once you click save it gives you more tabs.It gives you the chance to edit
Tickets 2
The 3 dots icon at the rightmost part gives you the chance to edit, copy or delete.
Step 4. Order Options.Order option is next to the tickets tab on the dashboard.Go to order form and then default the Collect Information from tab into Each attendee.This means that you want to capture every attendees’ basic information. Eventbrite collects the email address, first name, last name,and payment information during checkout by default.
Order Forms
Tip:Sometimes your event will be finished and people will still find it,so,put your contact details for them to call or text.
There’s a registration option, you can put details or description of what you want to appear while they’re on the registration page.The registration time limit is like a time limit for them to decide while they’re the page. There’s also a description box for any messages you want to appear after the ticket sales end, add your contact details again.
Registration Options
And for the free events, just get rid of the refund option because it gets rid of clutter.
You can allow attendees to edit their information after the registration so they can update their name,their phone number,and their email. Then click save and once that’s done,next will be the order confirmation.
Step 5.The order confirmation.
When a person registers,you need to confirm with them.The order confirmation is going to be the thank-you page they get and then the email they get confirming they’re registered.
Order Confirmation
An example of what it says;
“Congrats!We have you marked down for our home tour.Did you intend on coming this month?Or next month?Please reply.”
So,this is just a way for you to create engagement when the people reply.Add:
“Also,you can bring a friend if you want.Let us know so we have proper numbers.We’ll include you on the email alert.Do you have specific criteria such as price,location,or property type?Let me know and we’ll modify it to your needs.And remember as a buyer agent,you don’t pay our fees.”
“I’d love to explain that to you. I hope we get to connect”–and then all of your contact info.
That’s what they see right when they register on the Thank-You page and then you copy and paste it and do the same thing for their email as well.
You can allow them to get printable tickets too.
Additional Settings
People who show up for the home tour can bring a ticket or we check them in at the door using the organizer app.Click the save.
Step 6. Waitlist.
We do allow a waitlist where people can get on a waitlist in case more tickets sellor we have a limit on the tour.
Waitlist settings
Step7. Manage Attendees.
Managing attendee’s work when you’redoing a live event. The options are greyed because we’re not doing a live event. If you’re then those options will be accessible.
Manage Attendees
Below is the sample event preview we’ve just created. Use emotion generating words to make your Event sound great!
Sample Eventbrite page
Tip: Whenever you have a person register for one of your events,automatically add them to a Google sheet and it can automatically add them to your database.So,use Zapier for automation and you don’t have to do it by copy and paste.
This one approach could be a pillar of business for you,it’s different and it’s away to meet more buyers and sellers face to face.It gets you out and doing different stuff.Take action now and you can make a business out of it.Go to Eventbrite now!