From Impossible To Inevitable

From Impossible To Inevitable – Book Review

By: Aaron Ross Jason Lemkin

Nail a Niche:

To achieve hypergrowth, identify and dominate a niche market where you can consistently attract unaffiliated customers. Focus on a specific target customer with a popular pain point, tangible results, a believable solution, identifiable targets, and a unique solution to avoid commoditization.

Create Predictable Pipeline: 

Build a predictable pipeline through three lead types: Seeds (word-of-mouth and referrals), Nets (one-to-many marketing campaigns), and Spears (targeted outbound prospecting). Tailor your content to customer buying stages, ensure high-quality content, and regularly test and analyze results for continuous improvement.

Make Sales Scalable:

Specialize your sales team roles for inbound leads, outbound leads, closing sales, and account management. Systematize your sales process for scalability, and when expanding the team, start by hiring two to increase learning opportunities. Implement a repeatable process to facilitate quick hiring and training.

Double Your Deal-size:

Focus on doubling your average deal size as much as finding and closing more deals. Consider your product or service as a solution, not just a tool, and determine pricing based on the value you provide to your largest customers. Building a large business often requires dealing with enterprise customers who can afford higher prices.

Do The Time:

Success requires commitment and perseverance. Embrace the frustration and recognize that achieving initial traction might take around 24 months. Fully commit yourself to the business, dedicating time and energy consistently to overcome challenges. Entrepreneurship demands managing oneself as much as managing the business.

Embrace Employee Ownership:

Foster an ownership culture in your business by encouraging employees to act like mini-CEOs and Careerists. Identify and support those with high motivation and agitation, empowering them with significant challenges. Engage with Careerists regularly, define expectations for Clockers, and address the problems brought up by Complainers.


Building a hyper-growth business is a journey that starts with a niche focus, evolves through predictable pipelines and scalable sales, emphasizes deal size, demands time and commitment, and thrives on an employee ownership culture. Take the first step today, and embrace the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. 🚀 #Hypergrowth #BusinessSuccess #EntrepreneurshipJourney

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