Using Alexa In Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Early on, voice assistants like Alexa and Siri were novelties. Early adopters used them to play music or answer trivia questions. But the technology has evolved to be much more interactive and conversational, and today, you can ask Alexa to have a pizza delivered or place an order on Amazon. So, how might real estate agents use a tool like Alexa to differentiate themselves from the competition?

Justin Cullifer is the cross-industry tech consultant behind Glass House Guide, a voice assistant service for the real estate industry. A self-described inventor and designer at heart, Justin is committed to building cutting-edge technology that improves the customer experience, saves money and creates new opportunities for consumers and businesses alike.

On this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Dude podcast, Justin joins me to explain how Glass House Guide’s Alexa Voice Tool shares information about listings with prospective buyers. He discusses what kinds of questions the tool can answer about a listing and how the technology connects prospects with the listing agent. Listen in for Justin’s insight on how the interactive application gives agents a competitive advantage and learn how you can use Alexa to stand out and win more business!

Today’s Topics
How the Alexa Voice Tool shares info about listings with prospective buyers
How Alexa has evolved to do tasks for us (e.g.: order pizza, remind us to take meds)
Why the best tech applications are interactive and conversational
Why it’s crucial for entrepreneurs to adapt to changing consumer habits
What kinds of questions the Alexa Voice Tool can answer about a listing
How Alexa connects prospective buyers with the listing agent
What agents are doing to encourage prospects to use Alexa’s Home Tour

Why Justin’s team chose Alexa over other voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant
How the Alexa Voice Tool gives agents a competitive advantage
The benefit of having a high-tech tool like Alexa in the age of COVID
Connect with Justin

Learn more about the Alexa Voice Tool and contact Justin’s team for a demo at and use the CODE: DUDE


Do you really need a real estate website? Yes...

It’s a valid question, but the short answer is YES. In this post I’m going to share why.

The problem you most likely have if you don’t already have a real estate website is overwhelming…

Where should I start?

What do I post on it ?

How do I manage it?

My goal of this post is to simplify what the purpose of having a real estate website so you can determine if it’s something you should pursue or not.

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