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How do you survive the current crisis? You have to take care of these Seven Domains of Life:

1. Feelings. Deal your emotions. Do declarations, associate with people who are thriving in the crisis, and feed your brain with good thoughts. Talk to someone who can help you.

2. Friends & Family. Nurture your relationships. Be more patient with everybody else who’s going through emotional stress like you. Let them know that you care.

3. Finances. Look for money-making opportunities.

4. Faith. Stay true to your faith and what you believe.

5. Focus. Refocus on your goals.

6. Fun. Figure out ways to do fun things with your family and take time out to have fun.

7. Fitness. Find a fun workout to do.

All these 7 domains matter and affect each other. If you want to survive the crisis, you have to pay attention to all these areas of your life because they serve your emotions, well-being, and productivity. Watch out for areas of your life that you need to improve and make those changes.

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