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Looking for a killer creative real estate branding strategy that separates you from the herd of agents? We'll develop your brand and video marketing strategy to go along with it.

Why is real estate branding so important?
A good real estate branding strategy will allow you to emotionally connect with others and stay top of mind with your database. Let’s be honest, your database isn’t as loyal as you think. They don’t think about you 24/7. Staying in front of your database has been a problem because you aren’t sure how to do this without regurgitating some kind of boring real estate related topic. Sound familiar?

Do you feel stuck when it comes to consistently marketing your database and local community?

What do you say?

How often do you need to say it?

How do you stay in front of your database without ALWAYS talking about real estate?

A good real estate branding strategy doesn’t always talk about real estate, but rather infers you’re in real estate. I’m talking about a real estate branding strategy that accomplishes two goals. First, is that you create marketing content people are excited to consume. Secondly, is that your content reinforces, in the minds of your audience, that you are one bad ass real estate agent. The key to growing a referral based business is to build a brand amongst a network of people who know, like, and trust you. When people trust you, they refer you. The key is in building the audience!

It’s not your database’s job to send you business, it’s YOUR job to remind them to.
The goal is to be everywhere all the time and take on a multi-channel approach so your brand is the first one thought of when the term “real estate” comes to mind.

Nail your real estate branding strategy and watch attraction grow.


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We are like having a part time marketing assistant that handles all the stuff you or your assistant don’t know how to do (but really want to implement). We will take on all the heavy lifting and will create a content marketing strategy focused around your database and local community that keeps your brand top of mind.

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