Marketing Tips That Attract Clients So YOU Can STOP Chasing Leads

Looking for the one channel that focuses on Real Estate Video Marketing & FREE Real Estate Training?

“We don’t teach you how to generate leads, we teach you how to generate the ATTENTION of your database. That’s where over 60% of business comes from”
You’re probably thinking, “what the hell is a Real Estate Marketing Dude”? We teach real estate agents, lenders, and service providers how to ATTRACT business vs chase it through content creation.
There is a difference between real estate marketing vs. advertising and this channel focuses 100% on the real estate video marketing advice.

We help keep your brand “everywhere all the time” by taking on a multi-channel approach real estate video marketing and personal branding.

The Real Estate Marketing Dude is a Done For You real estate Video Marketing, Branding, & Content creation company focused on Brand Authenticity THAT Creates Connections.
Are you sick of chasing leads? Then start building a strong personal brand with real estate video marketing systems that work with people you know, like, trust, & refer! Our real estate video marketing philosophy is simple. We believe you’ll get more referrals and direct business when your brand remains on top of mind with your most valuable asset, your rolodex of relationships.

We are a real estate video marketing and real estate video editing company that works with real estate professionals, lenders, investors, and anyone else in the real estate business. You can essentially use our media department without taking on the overhead of hiring everything in house.

Imagine having a video editing, production, branding, website creation, coaching, and training as part of your real estate marketing plan?

Content creation is one of those things that EVERYONE in real estate knows they need to be doing, but keeps pushing it off because of all the road blocks…

Where do they start?
What do they say?
Who will handle the editing?
Who will distribute their content?
How often should they be doing it?

That all changes by placing a Real Estate Marketing Dude on your team!

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It’s a fact that over 60% of all business comes from the people you know (referrals, repeat, or direct business)! It doesn’t come from technology, email autoresponders, or cold calling.

Are you placing your real estate marketing in front of the wrong audience?
Did you know…
14.19% of the people you know this year are moving.
100% of the people you know, knows someone who is moving they can refer you to.

Build your own brand, it’s ONLY the recession proof business model there is.