Coronavirus Strategy: What Agents & Lenders Should Do During Uncertain Times

This may just be the most important video you can watch right now in light of the Coronavirus.

This week the President declared a National State of Emergency. I know many of you are concerned and maybe a little unsure of next steps and how to navigate these uncharted waters?

I hear you.

It’s hard to know how to react, what to say to clients, and how to wrap our heads around our role and responsibility to our communities, as well as our own safety.

There’s one thing I do know…

That during uncertain times, we MUST provide massive, unexpected value to our Tribe (our sphere of influence). They are counting on us to lead, guide and protect them. That's what we teach here at By Referral Only and if there was ever a time in history to represent’s right now.

I have something that I know will help you do this.

I often do special trainings and coaching for my By Referral Only Members and BroVance Membership. I recently gave them a specific training on using my PrivateWork techniques to allow them to clearly discover and plan how best they can help their own tribes through these uncertain times.

After seeing how the By Referral Only Tribe responded to this training, I felt compelled to share this video with ANY Agent or Lender (By Referral Only member or not) who wants to know how to LEAD their Tribe through these unprecedented and challenging days.


This video will help you do that.

If you do nothing else right now, watch this special training.

Joe Stumpf

Please note: at the end of this video there is an offer for members to schedule their PrivateWork session with me. This is a members only benefit, but I didn’t want to deny you of this training. It’s just too important right now. I hope you enjoy this deep PrivateWork lesson.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us here