How to Generate Open House Leads Part 1

open houseHow to Generate Open House Leads Part 1

We will be breaking down generating leads at open houses. This one is going to be all of the different ways you can generate business whether you do an open house or not.We will be covering open house marketing ideas and how to generate more leads.
Everything you do in this business is a marketing event. It means that you will also do marketing while door-knocking, Facebook ads, chatbots, SMS marketing and phone follow-ups. It is doing everything that you could to leverage the opportunity on open house.
The first one is leveraging vacant listings.
You could keep an eye on all the listings in your brokerage and then you could call the agent and ask them if you can use their brand-new listings that happen to be vacant. The reason to do this is that you can turn it into a mobile office. It’s like every week, you’re having a new office to work from. Use other people’s listings as your mobile office.
It’s going to help you claim your weekends back because you could do it on Thursday night or Friday night from 6 to 8 in the evening. The reason to do that is that you can use this as time blocking for doing follow-ups and prospecting calls. It is proven to have a really good success rate when calling people in the evening.
So, you have a different vacant listing to work on every week. If nobody comes, then you could just start calling them. It’s a very productive use of your time. Typically, in doing an open house, you would use an open house sign on the top of the sign to let the whole neighborhood know you’re doing an open house.
Make your calls to action impossible to missThat is very standard. What you should consider is enhancing your signage so that is a little bit of a call to action. There’s not enough room on the signage to be placed at the top but you could promote it on your website, Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube so that you could at least try to increase the traffic.
You should attach another signage at the bottom of your for-sale sign. The call to action is “Get a list of open houses…Text OPEN to your number.”You can have your own versions that you think will work best for you. On the top,you add the schedule.You could say “Open House Sunday 2-4 pm”. This could get people randomly texting you.You will not use any paid services or subscription for this function, people will directly text you then you could reply back to them.
If a person texted you OPEN then you could reply back:”Hi, it’s Terry –thanks for the text. I’ll text you the link –which neighborhood do you want the list for?”
After they reply, the follow up will be:”Great! I’ll get those over to you today”
“Just to be sure. Can I give you a quick call just to confirm a few things? I’ll be quick.”
The reason for this is because you can’t qualify questions through texting. If you go back and forth through text, the conversation will be annoying for the person on the other end. You can use this as a way to get people on the phone knowing that they’re on their phone because they’re texting you. It’s important to let them know that it’ll be quick because that’s what they want to hear.On the call, you can get their email address for the Open House alerts.
After a conversation, text them that you made them VIP access to your website. On most real estate agents’ websites, you create an account to log-in in order to view all the photos or the listings. If you get a person on the phone and emailing them the list of all the open houses, what you could do is go to your website and create an account for them. Use their email address as their username and their phone number as the password then email it to them.
open houseThis helps you to not let them go to other agent’s websites and create an account. Do it for them if you can. When you’re ordering these Open House signs, you should get reflective lettering. Whoever your sign-maker is, make sure that it is reflective lettering because when people are driving down the street, they’ll see that for sale sign that is something new.
As weeks go on, people get used to the Open House sign but if you have an Open House sign with another at the top and also at the bottom that we discussed earlier with reflective lettering, it’s like interrupting a pattern they get used to when they’re driving down the street. In the evenings, the letters will light up making it more visible.
Now, let’s say a person doesn’t text you. Instead of texting you, they did check the website that you have on the Open House Sale sign. Where will the website take that person to? You should make a landing page that has the 4 basic elements. 1.A video of you explaining to them the benefit of registering on your site 2. What will they receive weekly from your website 3. A call to action and 4. a map.
Have a really simple system for this. When people register, have an automatic email that would send them to a map search on your website showing all the active Open Houses. Some of you may not have that capability, so what you can do is set yourself up on a daily alert of all the open houses then you could just forward that to them until you could set them up properly.
You could use any resources that create you a good landing page such as Weebly, WordPress, and BombBomb. There’s a little trick you can use; it’s called the URL redirect.
Go to GoDaddyor where you register domain names. If you have a long URL find a shorter URL that is available and buy it. It cost about $10 a year.
The short URL is effective to be used on Sign riders, Direct mail, Newspaper / Magazine ads, Classified ads, Email signatures and Follow up drips, and Text messages. The shorter the URL, the easier it is to remember.
display URLSometimes you don’t need a paid custom domain name, you can just shorten the URL by using Bitly, it’s an awesome free service that allows you to do that.
There are other alternatives as well but the only problem on them is that your shortened URL will just look like random letters compressed. It will not appear to your preferred domain name. So, the best to use out there would be GoDaddy for a nice and short URL and pay a few dollars a year for it.
One of the Tools that we want to share is this one called Sumo. It allows you to convert up to 8% of your traffic on top of all the leads that you’re generating.
Let’s say you got 100 people on your website, with Sumo, you’ll get 8 leads. On some websites, you can see a bar on top or sometimes it will just pop-up right at the moment you jump into the website, which normally asks for email or for a subscription for daily or weekly alerts. With Sumo, this feature is called a Smartbar and Sumo puts a Smartbar on top of every page on your website.
The challenge in most real estate agents websites is the top part of their websites is huge which could be 2 -3 inches. That much screen space is taken up with the picture of a home and the agent’s face.
Because of that, people have to scroll down just to read the website’s content. The Smartbar puts the main call-to-action on the very top of your website on every page.

So how do Sumo works?

People during the map search will see the Sumo call-to-action including your new listings. Sumo also has a drag-and-drop editor to allow you to easily edit your message anytime. You can also update your messages there from time-to-time when you have a new event.
Another feature in Sumo is the call-to-action pop-ups. It’s not annoying because it won’t pop-up right at the moment people check in to your website, it just appears when you hit the back button, close the browser or change the URL and of course, you can skip or close it.Another tool is Canva, an image editing tool. A lot of marketing we do nowadays is very visual and a lot of Real Estate agents are having a hard time designing things. On an image, you put 3-4 pictures of the property with the call-to-action and the universal image size is 1280 x 720.
The main reason for the 1280 x 720 size is that it fits on almost all devices, website tools and social media platforms upon viewing. This saves you a lot of time on editing as opposed to using different sizes for everything. So, when you do posting on social media or classified ads, that kind of image excels because it includes 4 images of the property in one quality picture with the call-to-action.
You would normally post the basic information on your post but what you can do is include something like this in bold or highlight”Can’t make it?”on the image.
“Call or text me at your cell number and I’ll send you more photos, the full MLS details,and a video tour.”
“This home (and others) are featured at the website.”
Some people might not make it because of their schedule so always include a call-to-action for them to contact you.
magazineFor a newspaper ads or magazine ads, instead of just putting in the details such as the date, time and the address, you can include an image of you and the property, highlight the subject of your ads and the call-to-action that we mentioned earlier as well using yellow to make it more noticeable.
This way, you’re making your ads more than the typical or the standard way of advertising.
Sidetip: Now that you have your newspaper or magazine ads design, you can re-purpose your ad. From that, you can do print ads, you can use it in your direct mail postal walks, door knocking and social media post.
In case nobody shows up on your open house, don’t feel that bad, you can do door-knocking and hand out the Open House flyers to the neighbors so that your time won’t be wasted.
If you’re working with a team, you also let them use your signage for distribution, this is cost-free for them and hassle-free for you.
Another idea is through Google. The goal is to dominate all keywords of all the internet leads that you could be targeting.
It could be Vancouver open house or weekends open house and so on. There are probably about 20 keywords you could focus on and it must have the word open house. This idea is to bring people who search on Google into your landing page so you’re re-purposing your old marketing.
This campaign alone would cost $99 to $299 a month on Google. For two reasons, one is that it’s not very competitive because most of the other real estate agents are targeting common words like real estate for sale or homes for sale.
They’re not really targeting the open house. The second is that it’s not that heavy of the search volume means you don’t have that high of a cost. So, this is just another fishing pole, setting it up then forget it, maybe you won’t get any lead this week but maybe next week or next month you will.
Facebook AdsAnother source would be from Facebook. Most agents boost the posts which can work,we suggest you add Facebook Lead Ads. You can use the photo with 4 images of the property with the call-to-action on your Facebook posts.
Using the Facebook Lead Ads, you don’t have to redirect them to your website’s landing page because it already has a built-in landing page right inside of Facebook and you can capture their information.
When you do Facebook Lead Ads, you can just copy it and do it on other social media such as Instagram.
You can make an announcement on Facebook and Instagram about your open house. You can also do live video streams. You can do your video when you’re installing the For-Sale on Open House sign then do a tour of the property.
There are different ways you can leverage the open house just by doing a post, a live video or a story. People love the “behind the scenes” type of stuff so use this content on your posts or videos.
An example would be whenever you make a tour video of the properties, you know, during the installation of the cameras, setting up the lights and other stuff, people love to see those things.
Whenever nobody comes, you can do a Facebook or Instagram live. Make a walk-through of the properties showing them the good side of the house.
Google Display Network is another marketing strategy you can use. This works where your advertisement is seen on other websites. There 3 ways to trigger this type of marketing.
1. Based on keywords -this is when a person is looking at a website that has a word real estate or open house that is in your city.
2. Based on website traffic -that’s when a person has been on your website, checking your website then they’ll start seeing your adds everywhere.
3. Based on email address -this is when you have your database’s email addresses and remarket those people as well.This option is available to large budget Ads spenders only.
Google Display NetworkIn the Display Network,you can actually be specific and have all your Google ads showing specifically on the region where you service.
Google Display Banner Ads are not the greatest for traffic.This is more of a branding play than getting traffic. It’s amazing you can put your Ads on other websites just by using the Google Display Network.
When a person visits your website, they’ll start seeing your Ads every where such as on YouTube and YouTube is one of the sites that get the most traffic now.
Another idea would be to create a marketing kit for your own clients. Let’s say you’redoing an Open House for Jenny.
You could make her a couple of images that say “Sharing is caring, join me this weekend!” with a picture of her home, the date, time and address and then you could do the same on a Facebook post. Just make it nice, simple and clean.
Email that image to her and write up a story like:
“Hey Jenny, I’m doing an open house this weekend. If you want to share anything about it please attached.”
Then write up everything for her –the date, time, MLS number, all your real estate information and also a link to your website, her property, and your social media. Whether she chooses to use it or not, some of them will.
When she posts on Facebook and Instagram,all of her friends see those photos, it’s building the mind share of her real estate agent. So, when it comes to her friends to be buying or selling a home, you’ll have a better chance to stand out than not doing at all. This is free marketing so grab it.
To create something like this might take a lot of time, we suggest you outsource and find a virtual assistant to help you. You can go or any other sites that give the same service.
virtual assistantCreate your template and give it to your Virtual Assistant. Every time you have a new open house, send your pictures, address, date and time and all the other information to your Virtual Assistant. You can have them work for you within your budget. You don’t have to be creating all of this marketing stuff, you can have somebody else do it for you.
Another idea is your open house registrations. A lot of you will use a pen and a paper where you let people sign in that piece of paper at your open house but we encourage you to use a tool called BombBomb.
There are other open house registration tools on the market but why pay for something that only does one thing. BombBomb will not only make landing pages,but it also does video marketing, email follow up plans and everything.
Let’s say somebody is at my open house, they register on the tablet that you have in front of them. They’ll get a thank you from you through BombBomb and they’ll get a follow-up touch. It just keeps them in the loop and it’s all automated.
We don’t suggest that you pay for other open house registration tools and services when you’ve already got a tool that you can re-purpose and use for this.Some of you have a CRM or a database, ask them if you can make your own custom forms. If they say yes then you can make your own open house registration page.
With BombBomb, it offers a 4-week plan where you can use all the scripts and video tutorial for you to make your own video. Check it out on
At the open house, you definitely get to have a feature sheet. At the back of the sheets, make 3 sections where you specify We’re Hiring!, Thinking of Selling?, Thinking of Buying? with the call-to-action on each of those.
Also,include your website and a message for each section. This captures most of people’s attention.If you’re not hiring then maybe your brokerage is.
When people come to the open house,immediately greet them. That’s where you can ask them how they found about the open house because you would know which marketing strategies you did really work.
MLS IDX WebsiteThen during your tour, hand them your feature sheet with another sheet for the MLS. This gives them all the information they need. You can’t expect them to read and digest everything and take action after you give the sheets to them but what you’re doing is like pointing them towards the future action.
Here’s a script when calling people for your follow-ups.
“Hey is this__________?”
“Hi, this is Terry over at Sparkle Realty and I wanted to call and say thank you so much for taking the time to register to look at our Open House here at 123 Main Street.”
“I just want to bring it to your attention that when you’re done looking today, you’ll notice the new listings will get mixed with the listings you’ve already looked at making things confusing.”
“Wouldn’t it be a benefit if I kept you notified on the listings that match your criteria?”
“As a buyer agent you don’t pay our fees, so this is a totally free service.It’s a great way to help you out with the window shopping and information gathering services.”
Then move to some direct inquiry questions.
“So, if you were to move, where would you move to? (Maybe give them a couple of neighborhoods to keep the conversation going)”
Using this script, you’re reminding them of the action they took and telling them your service is free.
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