Video Marketing is KING. Don’t Be Confused About That! | TOMSVLOG #013

Reality check. The influence of tech-enabled living is bigger than ever before. Think about it, when something really bad goes down, like a car wreck for example, what’s the primary reaction people have? They pull out their phones to video it, whether that’s
a recording to watch later or a live feed to their social media pages. THIS is the world we live in now. If you haven’t realized this, you are on a losing streak.
Many of us as entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals haven’t made the connection between the way we operate our businesses and the current world of consumption. What do I mean by that? VIDEO IS KING!! I want you to say that again, out loud,
three times!!!
If you haven’t got a goal to shoot at least 52 videos over the next year, you need to get to it. How else are you going to stand out, get noticed and earn the business of your dreams?
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