Startup Business Growth Strategies and Maintaining Hyper-Growth with Tiffani Bova | Podcast EP. 14

Are you currently struggling with growing a new startup business, slow/stalled growth, or maintaining hyper growth?
From her early days working for a carnival to her time at Gartner to her current role as the Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, best-selling author Tiffani Bova reveals lessons learned, her advice and her wealth of experience helping people grow their businesses in this deep-dive interview.
I'm super excited to share this episode with you, because it's full of valuable lessons from her wealth of experience with driving growth for Fortune 500 companies.
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In this episode, we talk about:
02:42 – Our “strange little connections”
05:23 – Tiffani traces her dream path
07:07 – “Everything I learned about business I learned at the carnival”
09:48 – The importance of building a strong network
11:30 – Lessons that where more important than making money
13:05 – The challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry
20:36 – Tiffani’s role in tech almost everybody uses today
23:43 – Altering her definition of success at Gartner
26:56 – The dilemma that led to Tiffani’s “next step” in her career
29:38 – The unique combination that makes Tiffani unique
32:56 – Tiffani’s “3 pillars” advice for start-ups
40:30 – Natural path sequencing for your real estate career
43:20 – Why not all growth is good growth
44:21 – Questions to help you figure out what you want from your business
47:03 – Why your role demands you have a growth mindset
49:10 – What is “stalled growth”?
52:19 – Ground zero to selling 50 homes, theoretically
54:54 – 3 things to re-ignite growth after stalling out
58:05 – Seeking service lessons from outside the real estate industry
1:02:53 – The backbone of corporate growth is THIS
1:03:08 – How asking the right questions reveals the intricacies of maintaining hyper-growth
1:08:28 – How to be excellent in the next 5 minutes
1:13:20 – How can YOU make a difference as a real estate professional?
1:16:32 – Are you afraid of technology or resistant to change your behaviors?
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