Setting Clear Goals for Living A Full Life While Doing Your Hustle | TOMSVLOG #007 PART 1

Miami is so full of life. Beautiful people, amazing food and incredible energy that’s so contagious! My recent trip there got me thinking about two really important things: 1.) How people set their goals, and 2.) The changes I made to my own goal-setting regimen that makes a world of difference and effects how I live my life today.
Some of you may already know that I made a fitness challenge for myself at the end of 2017 to complete 250 workouts in 2018. Today, I hit workout #202 and I’m super excited that I’ll be smashing my 250 goal very soon!
So… this is the thing - if you aren’t able to set CRYSTAL CLEAR goals, you might as well not make them at all. And, without defined goals you aren’t getting what you deserve in today’s market! So, what will it be? Will you limp through life just doing your thing, or will you set your goals and intentions REALLY HIGH to reflect your worth?
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