Education Is Totally Misunderstood And It’s Our Fault! | TOMSVLOG #012

My recent trip to Sage High School to talk on a panel to students ranging between 14 to 18 years old got me thinking about the reality of our education system today. How we blindly sent our kids off to college without a plan or a purpose. What a waste of time!
Don’t get me wrong, I think education is key in any person’s life. I am an educator, I BELIEVE in education! I just don’t believe in education without purpose, direction and accountability.
My own son said he felt like he had to go to college regardless of NOT knowing what he wanted to go to college for. We did that to him! And we do that to our kids every day!
Check out my take on how we as parents and educators can empower our kids to make the best decisions for their own future based on their god given talents, in this week’s TOMSVLOG. 💡🔝
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