Achieving Goals, Cutting Out the BS and Embracing Change in 2019 | TOMSVLOG #009

So many people on social media talk about the “hustle and grind”, but seriously, when did the hustler ever forget about the grind! 🤣 If you’re like me, trying to build your own business you already know that the hustle is 24/7 a part of your life. Just because we’ve had a tremendous run over the last decade does not mean we get to be complacent! Knowing what you want NOW is the most important clarity you need to get crystal clear on going into 2019. Are you with me?
I had a lot of fun putting this vlog together with my team. And, they even got to learn a truth about me, why I hate achieving goals… I know how that sounds, but hear me out in this video and drop me a comment if it’s the same for you. 👊🏻
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