How To Grow Your Business To 7 Figures with Jess Lenouvel | 11-20-19 | #WaterCooler

00:00 Intro
01:02 Why do good experienced agents fail in this business?
03:03 Where do people get hung up?
05:08 Do you need to stop selling/marketing to build your business?
07:12 Where are the key moments where change is the only way to grow?
10:30 What changes for a real estate business after that first bit of access?
11:53 Who should you hire first?
14:32 What are the unexpected things that begin to break at scale?
17:59 Any advice to prevent burning out each month?
22:10 how does someone train and setup a project manager for success?
27:34 How to build a successful real estate team from the ground up.
30:56 What are the 4 different media types?
34:37 How far can these people go and at what point should you hire someone else?
36:52 Your view of marketing? Where are you making big investments?
42:51 What is a 2020 consumer looking for in a real estate agent?
46:29 How does one go about the process of finish out what their customers are really interested in?
49:28 Know who you are to know what to do.
53:40 Where to find Jess.
54:31 Where are you making big investments in 2020?
57:12 Outro