Parkbench Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Parkbench marketingParkbench Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Parkbench gives you an all-in-one solution for your content creation for building a local farming community area. It’s like your hub of marketing for people who have a hard time creating content and it’s a lot more than that as well. We’re going to give you ideas on how real estate agents are using Parkbench to generate business.
Parkbench is an all-in-one package and program. This can really help your community-minded relationship and being a referral-based Realtor allows you to get deeper connections with your community. It will allow you to build more relationships with homeowners, business owners, and professionals.
Parkbench can help you get more face-to-face prospect meetings in your community. Whether that be with homeowners, local business owners, and professionals. This is really all about helping you rapidly grow your database and your sphere of influence.
Parkbench uses a community site to brand you as the go-to agent. You’re given a territory and a given farming area. It allows you to really tap into the professionals and influencers within the marketplace.
The most exciting about the platform is the fact that it’s all about providing value to the people you meet. It means that instead of you going around and doing more traditional forms of advertising or marketing.
Whether that be door-knocking or cold calling, Facebook ad campaigns or online lead generation, this is a fun little way to incorporate video and really have some fun in your community. How you go about doing that is by leveraging the community site.
You could do little prospecting interviews by that. Imagine one of our clients going to a local business as an example and saying:
“Hey, my name is Tony. I’m the new sponsor of a special neighborhood website for our community. It’s all about shopping local and really all about our neighborhood and empowering businesses by providing them with a platform for free advertising.
While I’m here, I’d love to take a quick minute to do a short little interview with you so I could learn more about you and your business and feature you for free on our neighborhood website.”
So, that’s a good script. This allows you to talk to new local business owners. And you can pop-in to local businesses and restaurants and sometimes as you know, you can just catch people better by dropping into their business!
Most business owners are open for free advertisement, which is why the concept works so well. So, what do you do? You’re going to be targeting these businesses using Facebook, sending them a quick little message through Facebook.
From there, you’re going to have access to the business owner, their contact information, and often eight out of ten times, these individuals are incredibly receptive to getting these free little interviews.
The reason it works is that it’s connected to your community site. It’s a non-salesy approach and it’s a value-added approach, which is why majority of business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers are so willing to participate.
The low-hanging fruit here would be all your vendors, your mortgage broker, your lawyer, your home stager and your inspector.
You could start with them and then what’s the next lowest hanging fruit? Look at your sphere of influence – your friends and your family who are in your city that all are self-employed, commission-based or entrepreneurial. Give them a call too!
You could do it with them and even start reaching out to Chamber of Commerce business groups. Start joining them, go in and do the door knocking in your farm area.
Right there alone would keep somebody busy for at least a quarter of the season. Again, this is a prospecting tool and even without our Parkbench, it’s all about relationships.
It’s all about your database, your sphere of influence and it’s all about the relationships you have specifically within your community and neighborhood.
Being someone who genuinely knows about the community and has local market knowledge – you’re the expert! What’s so great about this is what do you think’s going to happen once the interview is over? What do you think they’re going to ask you once you complete their interview?
They’re going to ask you about what you do and why are you doing this. That’s another chance to tell them about how you’re a Realtor and what you’re doing and why you love your community.
It’s positioning yourself as a go-to agent for them and potential referral business for them as well. What you would do is always have a get together you can promote.
You could set a date, time at a local restaurant, and then try to get 10 other businesses to all show-up. Get each owner or manager to tell where they are, who they are, and what they do. Have them share one way they generate business and go around the table.
You’ve got 10 people, they’re all buying foods and drinks from the restaurants, so they’re going to love it and you don’t have to create the content. It’s not a seminar, it’s just everybody introducing who they are and telling one way they generate business.
They will feed off each other because some people across the table will get that idea to also do a client appreciation event.
So, when you’re doing these interviews, have a future date set in mind. That way you can invite them to another event in the future – this isn’t the end but more of a steppingstone for a longer-term relationship. It’s such a great idea to do these meetups.
Essentially, you become the go-to person creating these little meetups for business owners and local professionals. We all know individuals love other business-minded individuals so they’re going to want to connect and want to talk to each other about their businesses.
As the local agent, you can complete an interview with them at the very end of the event and let them know that you’ll be posting the interview so that others in your sphere can get to know them and their business. You’re trying to send traffic and potential customers for you.
It’s all about them, do it quarterly because some people might not make it on the set date and time. And you could use that to keep them posted on the next one. Now, you have a mailing list for future events.

Blog Tabs in ParkbenchBlogs Tab on Parkbench

At the website, there are tabs on the homepage and under the blogs tab is where you see the interview tab. So of course, the interview tab obviously is where you’ll host all the interviews that you do with your partners and vendors.

deal tab on parkbenchDeal Tab on Parkbench

The deals tab is powered up and synced to Groupon. So, any businesses that have Groupon will automatically sync up to the community site.
Once you complete the interview with the business owners, Parkbench will send them their own login information so they can go into the backend of the community and start to post their own deals and events on the community site – all free.
Another thing that’s nice about this platform is it works for the individuals who are not using Groupon because we know that it can get quite expensive to use Groupon.
You’re adding this value to the business or to the individual that you’re meeting. You’re now giving them the accessibility to want to go into the community site themselves to start posting and promote the site and promote the site with their social media. Therefore, there’s a lot more traffic with these community sites than regular real estate pages.
Most Realtors web sites don’t provide any sort of value to someone who’s not looking to buy or sell. That’s a big point and we know that that’s a big problem and a missed opportunity.
If you can add even a little bit of value, they would want to come on to something that’s unique whether that be a real estate site or this community site and check it out just because it’s so much different than what’s offered by other Realtors. Individuals in the community will be checking out the site and meeting you plus you could even post your own deals.
Let’s say you’re an agent in a city. There are often events that have ‘promotional’ dollars, it’s fake money but you could use it to buy whatever you want at the event.
Sometimes, there’s a deal where you spend $40 and you get 50 event dollars so since we suggest buying $500 worth of these event dollars, it’s going to save a lot of money.
The way about using these coupons will be up to the business and they choose the vendors. They often put them on sale for 25% off so maybe buy them then.
It’s just a nice little neat way for the owners to potentially set new customers. Maybe they don’t post deals but just a simple fact they are going to be pushing the videos on their social media might create customers for these businesses and generate a prospect for you too.
What I really like is how you can really focus and add to your sphere of influence in all your local businesses. Who’s going to deny themselves free advertising?
Especially for a smaller business or even a local professional where they don’t want to really spend a lot of marketing dollars on advertising or even Groupon. You’re giving them a potential avenue to get in front of whether that be a hundred people or a thousand people.
Even if it’s just a smaller group, you still give them the opportunity to get in front of more people and as a business. That’s what you’re always looking to do.

directory tab on parkbenchDirectory Tab on Parkbench

What it does is create a directory for all the local businesses, schools and other organizations within the farming area. It’s pulling all this information so that if someone were to come and check out the local directory, it’s almost like Yellow Pages.
This is again, another value-added tool to provide to the locals who want to check out what’s going on within their area especially for individuals who have just come to the neighborhood.
It’s a nice little neat way to showcase to individuals and on the area. There are you doing that for them. The Parkbench team, just doing what they do best, which is to go out there and build relationships, manages everything in the online infrastructure. Continue to do these prospecting interviews, meet people and eventually you’ll close deals!
Under the map, business owners can add themselves in their recent blog posts. At the end of the day, Realtors are so busy doing so many different things that they don’t have time in the day.
The number one thing we keep continue to hear and we’re sure you do as well, is the “I don’t have enough time in the day” line. What we want to help them do is provide a turnkey solution that’s going to allow the agents to really focus on meeting people and playing to their strengths.
Parkbench is really helping to tie you into the businesses, the organizations, to schools and other agents that are going on within the neighborhood. This is a key being hyperlocal especially now when it comes to competition. People want to go to the agent that is hyperlocal, who is the local expert.

real estate tab parkbenchReal Estate Tab on Parkbench

The Real Estate tab is where we’re going to create a subsection for the agents which just has the little picture. It’s like a mini-site or a mini real estate site within the community site. Parkbench has social media integration contact info about testimonials, that you can add your information and the areas that you’re sponsoring as well.
You can also embed your Facebook and Instagram on the side of the page, as well as the recent listings. Others can review you there. More important though is the lead generation magnet built into the site.
If they click on the listing, prospects can inquire about the property. If someone were to click on search listings and search, what should be happening is all the listings come up.
From there, they click on the listing and then let’s say inquire about a property, you have a lead generation magnet built into the community site which has a list of all the listings.
It’s not just your office but all the listings in the area so that if someone were to inquire about the property, they become a warm lead for you. The agents could use that when they’re posting on social media as well.
When they got a new listing, they get a link directly from the MLS that’s accurate. There is also a list of all the listings in the community and it’s a nice neat way to grab buyer leads.

feature listing tab parkbenchFeatured Listings Tab on Parkbench

The featured listings tab, you’re putting your own listings up there so people can see what’s going in the neighborhood. Therefore, you can highlight your brokerages and your own homes as well.

parkbench eventEvents Tab on Parkbench

With the events tab, Parkbench syncs up with Eventbrite and Meet-up. Any events going on in the community will automatically sync up to the community site. You should add your future event for the business networking that you’re setting up. It could be an open house as well.
You invite all your community and then the community can see what you’re doing with your clients and potentially see the type of customer service you’re providing and have a chat with you at a networking meeting, at an open house or at an event you’re attending.

parkbench features and listingWhat so special about the Events Tab and its listing?

It gives you so many ideas on events that you can run. Start looking at running events because it gives you a reason to reconnect with old prospects and your sphere of influence especially somebody who you haven’t talked to in few years.
If the first thing you call them about is real estate, it’s annoying but if you have an event, you could chat about checking out the event, what’s been happening in their lives.
The goal is just to get people on the phone and feel comfortable with the call and not being annoying. Sometimes you just lose touch with people who used to give you referrals and it’s not necessarily that they ran out of referrals for you but because you lost touch.

parkbench eventsHow do you use the events?

These types of events are a great way to reconnect. A lot of your clients can obviously do the same thing as well whether using Parkbench or not.
You can use this starting on interviews with individuals within your neighborhood. You can use that as a reason to reconnect. Feature the local business owners and professionals and share that with your sphere of influence.
It’s a great way to connect and it’s not salesy. The interview series could also be turned into a podcast. Parkbench has blog-style videos, interviews, and podcasts.

parkbench strategyWhy use this Parkbench strategy?

Because door knocking and pop-bys are not going to get it done anymore. You must be providing value. You have to be doing something different in your community because if you’re not, there’s another agent out there that is and they’re going to be winning the listings and buyers.
There are some business strategies here as well. You could be doing a buyer seminar, seller seminar, investing seminar and do that on a quarterly basis. You could also do property tours. It’s getting to know people at other companies.
It also could be a recruiting aspect if you are trying to grow your brokerage. That’s an idea for any of the managers reading this, do a weekly or bi-weekly office training and invite all agents to the event.
Also do an Event for a tour of new listings not just with your agents but invite other agents for feedback. You could look at so many properties and your clients are happy because they had a parade of people come through. It makes your agents sharper because you’re in the market looking at property and you’re all discussing it.

parbench events in generalWhat about Events in general?

As the agent, you’re the host of your event and you’re going to be able to position yourself as someone who’s community-minded and community-oriented, providing value. Not seen as someone who’s just another salesy Realtor pushing real estate and just trying to find the next house to sell.

Parkbench-other ideasfor your eventOther Ideas for your Events?

The last part is contacting photographer-video students. Get them to come out to all your events, take photos and videos, and upload them so you get candid shots of the event.
The videos, photos professionally done sort of, and it’s free. The students get to build their portfolio and meet potential employers. Get a photographer involved where they come out and they get to hand out their own business cards.

news tab on parkbench

News Tab on Parkbench

With the news, Parkbench’s researchers are going to be looking at local communities extensively. Parkbench is going to be looking at Chamber of Commerce, local sports teams, news outlets, libraries and blogs. Parkbench is posting every single day on the community site.

what happen next in parkbenchWhat happens next at Parkbench?

Hyperlocal content, rich content is posted daily. Parkbench finds anything that is news worthy within the community and it’s going to post it on to your site every single day.
You could use this as inspiration for your Facebook and Instagram stories every day or every week. You could also do a rundown of this week’s events and do a quick video.
It won’t be hard; all you must do is click on the Parkbench post and you will see there’s a Facebook tab right there. You can click on the Facebook tab and then it will just auto direct to Facebook and just click post.
That’s a story you posted. You can get a bit more creative but if you don’t want to be that creative, you can just use that tab to help promote what’s going on in their community. It’s such an easy way to promote content.
What you should like about Facebook stories and Instagram stories is if you think it fits in the stories well and if it supports the community, its value for your neighborhood residents and business owners.

interview at parkbenchWhat about those interviews at Parkbench?

You do interviews with the people and then you’re adding them to your database for real estate. Plus the business owners can use those photos and videos for their own websites or promotions. It’s totally win-win. You’re helping them out and that’s the good thing with these interviews.
When you start to think about interviews, not just with Parkbench, but in general, there’s so much opportunity out there to provide value to people which is why this concept works so well. People are going to want to intrinsically promote you as a go-to Realtor in return and refer your business.
They can use you as a Realtor because you have shown to them that you genuinely care about them in their business and you want to help them out.
By highlighting to the people in interviews, you proactively show them you want to help them. They will intrinsically want to help you too and refer your business and see you as someone they want to do business with. If not now, then potentially in the future.

parkbench newsNews Tab in Parkbench

The News tab is more like a blog. You can do blogs, you can add articles like, “The top five reasons to buy right now” or a list of “The 3 mistakes most first-time homebuyers make” and if you’re getting really creative, you can write your own blogs and put them under the Interview tab or News tab.
The News and Events are all about hoping to directly tie your prospects into the News and directly tie your business prospects into the events going on within their community.
We want to help highlight businesses to people who don’t know or trust them yet, they are community-centric, and they already have local market knowledge. And since they are hyper-local to the given community and this community site really helps them out. You can even get your sphere involved on Facebook and Instagram.
Let’s have an example and let’s say in Halloween. You would post online that you want to do a road trip through the City, looking at all the best decorations like homes in town.
Post every home on the street, you hit and then you’re going to get all these people’s interest and possible listing of all the streets. Next you go to those streets and you could knock on the door of every home and say that you’re going to do an interview talking about the homes and decorations in the city.
Then you could do the same thing for the Christmas season. Then in the spring or whatever you could do like the best curb appeal on flower gardens. Use your imagination and aim for 4-5 “Best Homes of the Season” events.
People love to share and tell of course and then you could do a Facebook live event, or a YouTube live. Maybe you could do a contest – where you do interviews and then at the very end of the interviews, you can do a top three or top five winners.
The investment price point for Park Bench is based on the median home price, the population of a given area, so the higher the mean home value, the higher the population, obviously the higher the investment price point.
The average is typically around three to six thousand dollars for the year for total exclusivity of that given area. Now that includes a community site, a weekly newsletter so Parkbench is going to send out a weekly newsletter to all the subscribers of the site.
The newsletter will include the community name, pictures, local interviews, upcoming events, and recent news. As a branding, it will also do social media integrations. It will auto-post on social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter every single day.
Parkbench also has coaches, they are going to ensure you are properly prepared because some agents come on board have no idea how to do video,  so no matter your age there are coaches that can train you on how to prospect, blog, do video interviews, how to follow up, all things that a Realtor or a team successful.
Parkbench also has a money-back guarantee in its contract so if you go out there and just meet two to three locals per week on average and do 96 total interviews for the year, you’ll qualify. If you do not double your return on investment, Parkbench will give you a full refund.
Parkbench is a complete referral system – you get coaches, account executives, a customer success team and of course, your exclusive neighborhood website with its Blog, Videos, Newsletter and your spot for your featured listings!
Check out Parkbench today!