How To Marketing Your Database Through Facebook Groups

Do you use your personal Facebook page to market your sphere of influence? Did you know that only 1 in 5 of your contacts will see any given post? But don’t give up on the platform just yet. You can reach the majority of your database on a regular basis by creating a dedicated Facebook group.

Jen Burns is a solo agent out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with 12 years of experience in real estate. In the last year, Jen closed 78 transactions for $19M in volume, and she credits her success in large part to marketing her SOI through a private Facebook group. Today, Jen helps other agents leverage similar tactics through The Workflow Shop, a system for maintaining connection with your database and creating a robust Client Appreciation Program.

On this episode, Jen joins me to share her approach to building and nurturing your sphere of influence through genuine connection. She explains what inspired her to create a private Facebook community for existing and past clients, discussing how she makes the group engaging and fun with giveaways and other value-add content. Listen in for insight around how Jen designed her posting schedule and learn her pro tips for getting your SOI to join a private Facebook group.

Today’s Topics
How Jen slowly built a sphere of influence in Baton Rouge
Jen’s approach to nurturing relationships with past clients
What inspired Jen to create a private Facebook group
How Jen makes her Facebook group engaging and fun
Why people are more likely to see group Facebook posts
Why Jen prefers communicating via Facebook vs. email
How gifting + giveaways activate the Law of Reciprocity
How Jen designed her Facebook group posting schedule
Jen’s pro tips for getting people to join your private group
Connect with Jen
Learn more about Jen’s marketing calendar and done-for-you graphics at or follow her on Facebook at


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