How To Create Luxury Real Estate Video Content Without Being Dooshbag

So, you want to break into the luxury real estate market, but you don’t come from money. How do you build a sphere of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI)? How do you market yourself as a high-end agent? And what kind of video content can you create to target that niche?

Brian Loebker is an accomplished real estate professional with Michael Saunders & Company. Known as the high-end listing agents, Brian and his colleagues cater to the $1M-plus market in Southwest Florida. His real estate career began in 2012, and in 2013, he closed more transactions than any other agent in the Siesta Key office. He currently represents 24 luxury properties, and this year, his team is on track to close four sides over the $10M mark.

On this episode, Brian joins me to explain how he broke into the luxury market without a high-net-worth SOI by putting himself in the room with the people he wanted to attract. He discusses why it’s crucial to be authentic and add value in targeting HNWI, and we brainstorm ideas for video content that caters to a luxury audience. Listen in to find out how Brian scored $30M in closed sales from one open house and learn how consistent content creation is growing his high-end business.

Today’s Topics
Breaking into the luxury market without a high-net-worth sphere
Why Brian focuses his marketing dollars on the luxury niche
The charity events Brian attended to build high-end business
Putting yourself in the room with the people you want to attract
Why it’s crucial to be authentic + add value in targeting HNWI
Ideas for video content that caters to a luxury audience
Video content as a long-term play vs. immediate gratification
How much of Brian’s business is referral-based
How one open house led to $30M in closed sales for Brian
Connect with Brian
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