Real Estate Agent’s Video Follow Up Plan

Real Estate Agents MarketingReal Estate Agent’s Video Follow Up Plan

Today, we’re going to share a lot of ideas on real estate follow up touch plans and this is when you get an internet lead or any lead from any source. How do you effectively follow up with these people? So, that’s what we’re going to be covering today.
I want to share with you a two-month plan and that is going to be the foundation for most of you. A lot of you aren’t going to have something like this and you’re probably going to need more than just two months for lead follow-up but it’s the starting foundation of that. I also want to share with you the tools, ideas, and scripts that we use for our follow-up.
When people think of an email drip or a follow-up, they tend to just think of an email that’s automated and that’s fine. But if you could take those emails and make a video of yourself talking and explaining to the people, you have way more leverage. You can repurpose and reuse it and it builds rapport with you as the person that’s trying to convert them.
Here’s a sample script you can use on your videos;
script“Hey there, it’s John Smith over at ABC Realty. I want to say thank you so much because you just took the time creating an account looking at real estate for sale here in the Toronto GTA and I just wanted to bring it to your attention. When you’re done looking today, you’re going to notice all the new listings that hit the market tomorrow. They’re just going to get mixed in with the ones you’ve already been looking at.”
“What I’m going to do is, I want to set you up on a daily email alert. I will send you all the listings that hit the market now. You can reply back to this email or text me and let me know what exactly is your criteria. As far as area, price, amenities, and things that you need and also things that you don’t want. So, let me know all that information.”
“Until then, I’m going to be emailing you all the listings. If any of them catch your eye and you want to book a showing or you have questions and want more information about anything, more photos, a video or anything you can think of? Just let me know. I’m here for you. My name is John Smith, as a buyer agent you don’t pay my fees so this is totally a free service for you to work with me and I look forward to talking to you on the phone.”
That’s a perfect first touch, as far as an email goes like covering the pain points that the person is going to be experiencing. I also have a call to action that I really do want them to connect with me and I told them that I want to be emailing them all the listings until they tell me otherwise.
You can also use an easy, very casual conversational kind of video. You can film it in your kitchen or anywhere you’re comfortable. So, that’s the very first kind of video I would send out and it’s the thank-you video. Let’s move on to day number two, this is when we know that the people we sent emails to didn’t reply, meaning we haven’t had an email or a phone conversation with them, it’s been one-sided.
Then, I’ll send them a video with this;
send video“Hey there, it’s John Smith over at ABC Realty. Now, a couple of days ago I had set you up to get email listings of all the homes for sale that match your criteria. Now, because we haven’t connected yet, what I’m doing is I’ll email you all of the homes that hit the market regardless of the price, style, and amenity. So, if you could reply back to this email, just let me know exactly what it is you’re looking for because I want to narrow it down to the homes that fit your criteria.”
“Then if you have any questions, if you want to book showings and you just want to reach me, reply back to the email. I’ll give you my cell number as well. It’s in the email, you can text me.”
I’m a real person and I want to really follow-up so if I have contacted the people and we’ve had a conversation, this is what I will send for the people that I have talked with;
“Hey there, it’s John Smith over at ABC Realty. I know we’ve chatted about the criteria that you’re looking for in a home and I just want to share with you one thing, it’s that the people will change what their needs look like over the course of time. As we’ve been emailing you the listings that fit your criteria, that criteria might change.”
“So, let me know if you want us to adjust the price range, maybe you want to go up a little bit to see more of what’s on the market? or you want to take it down? and then the same thing with the area and anything else that doesn’t seems to be reflecting. What it is that you want? Because we want to make this window shopping so much easier for you and filter everything else out.”
listings“Also, if you happen to see any listings that you want to take a look at, just reply back. Our team’s always here for you and we’re going to book showings, answer questions and get to the bottom of whatever it is that you want, okay. My name is John Smith.”
It’s very conversational. It’s an easy thing to talk about and I’m building rapport with these people. Really quick as you can see, the power of video in your lead follow-up is really strong. This is why I would suggest it. Now, let’s proceed to the next one. This is a week later, so after a week emailing people listings that match their criteria, I have this nosy neighbor/seller call-to-action that we created. This one tends to get a really good response;
“Hey there, it’s John Smith over at ABC Realty. I have been emailing you for a week now and I wanted to bring something up that you may not be aware of. We have this thing called the nosy neighbor alert and what it does is it shows you all of the activities specified in your neighborhood. Of where you live, work, and play and this goes with your friends and family as well.”
“So, if you know anybody who would be interested in seeing the activity just specifically around where they live, work, and play, we can set up a filter. What that will email you or them or all of you of the homes that hit the market, are the pictures, the prices, the renovations, and the home-staging that they’re doing and it basically allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of the market that matters most to you or your friends.”
“So, that’s one thing, the other thing is we have this house-value update where we take a report of all the homes that are sold within a specific area that match a property type. If you or anybody you know is thinking of selling a home as well, that is also something that we can do. I just want to share that with you. You might be in the market, you might be interested in that or you might know somebody who is and I’m definitely here for you. Ok, talk to you later.”
That’s a good one because typically, it’s a buyer internet lead that we start off with. And when I get them on the phone when I’m qualifying them, I’ll definitely ask them if they have the home that they need to sell and I would discuss that. Why this is a good follow up? A lot of times you have been talking to them on the phone but because only a few people answer the phone when you call, this one does tend to get a good response.
When you offer that as a service, people will reply back. Now this one for sure is an interesting one. Two weeks later, I email the people that we’re hiring, so I would only do this if either you or your team is actually hiring but our team is always hiring. We had 120 agents and so those who were hiring somebody, there were always the admins being hired, front desk people, real estate agents, and management. So, you can put it in your follow-up drip. It will get people replying so take a look at this;
“Hey there, it’s Smith again and I wanted to bring it to your attention. Something really exciting is that our team is hiring! If you or anybody you know is thinking of getting into the business, whether they want to do the marketing side, the management side or they want to become a real estate agent and actively sell real estate, Our team is hiring and if you know anybody, let me know.”
“It could be you or it could be somebody you know as well. It’s exciting, it’s definitely a fun business to be in and I know you have a radar towards real estate because you’re currently watching and looking at all the listings right now. Anyways, because of that, I thought maybe you would have a radar on who else would be a good fit to possibly join our team.”
“If that’s the case, just reply back to this email. Let me know who or share this video with anybody you know and then I’ll definitely connect with them and talk over the phone. Okay, talk to you later, Thanks!”
reply-to-guest-enquiryThat one always gets replies, not by everybody but we certainly get replies by people who had never communicated or replied to anything else. This one tends to stand out. So that’s about two weeks from the first time that we added them to our system. Then 30 days later, this is follow-up is about asking if they are still getting the listings email;
“Hey there, it’s John Smith over at ABC Realty. I have been the one emailing you all the homes that match your criteria and it’s been about a month now. I just wanted to circle back to make sure that you’re getting the listings and you’re actually looking at it because if you’re not then there’s no sense in me sending your spam email, to make sure that it isn’t spammed email and that the listings we’re sending you do fit your criteria and to get a good sense.”
“As far as time frame, if you were to move, when you’d want to move by? That sort of thing so it’s a no-pressure exploratory conversation. I just want to really connect with you and make sure you’re enjoying the listings that we’re getting and sending you. I’ll send you a couple more emails but if I don’t hear back then probably what I’ll do is I’ll just stop this and I’ll leave the ball in your court so you can follow up with me. Okay, thanks!”
So, that’s a good little touch at the end where I kind of leave off with the fear of missing out. Where we can say, “Well, I’m going to stop this if you’re not even interacting with me.” We said it nicely and in a casual way. It’s a good little touch 30 days later and then 60 days later, this is “the are you even moving?” email. Only I don’t see it like that;
“Hey there, it’s John Smith over at ABC Realty. It’s been about two months roughly since I started sending you emails and what I’ve been emailing you is the homes that fit your criteria. My main question would be, do you think that you’re going to be moving? It’s not that you have to move right away but if you were to move, did you have a time frame in mind?”
“Because what I’d like to do is email you the listings in a much more effective manner. If you’re thinking that you’re not going to move for another six or eight months or maybe in the new year, then let me know about that. What I’ll do is I’ll scale back the listings that you’re getting and then I’ll reconnect with you at a future date, ok?”
sending emails“So, reply back to this email. Send me a text message and let me know that you still want these listings because probably in a bit of a week, I’m just going to cancel it. So that I don’t clog up your email because I don’t know if you’re actually enjoying this or not but if you are enjoying it just let me know. I’m a real guy, okay, Thanks!”
You can see how casual those kinds of videos are and it really builds that connection. There’s no real script that I was reading. I just did them off the top of my head. As long as I knew what’s the email that was about to go to them.  You can make this kind of video and then do your own version.
Here’s a tip for you and the first idea is to change outfits.
You don’t want to make the same videos as what I or the others just did. If I did them all in the kitchen and I was wearing the same outfit, the same time a day with the same lighting, then you can have it your way. Make yours unique.
But if I was doing this for a real trip plan? I would do one of me sitting at my office, like at my desk and then another one of me at a coffee shop and another one of me, maybe at home. It could be at an open house, just do it. Make the videos in different locations and nothing’s seasonal, meaning it’s not necessary to have anything outside like snow.
You can use them every day, every week, every month, or even every year because once you have these trips set up, you can use them on autopilot for 5 years or 7 years. It’s like you’re going to look pretty much the same in 7 years so there’s not going to be that big of a difference and so nothing’s seasonal.
specific videoSo, don’t get too specific in your video. Keep it broad and it could be a challenge for you to make 7 different videos in one afternoon, especially if you plan on changing outfits and changing locations. Just do a little game of it where you make one video a day for a week and then it becomes really easy because these videos are super short. They’re like 20 to 30 seconds and maybe one of them might have been a minute but on average there are about 30 seconds.
It really doesn’t take you a long time to make these videos and now I know what some people are thinking. They’re like that’s it, just seven follow-ups. Now, what I do know is that on average, most real estate agents don’t even have these seven follow-ups set up and put in place. This is a foundation for you to build from and grow. It’s not the end.
It’s probably the best beginning for most people and then I would say consistency is the key. When you send these emails out to the people and they’re watching the videos, I would have my database or my CRM trigger a reminder for me to call them and text them. It’s like the consistency of the calling and texting do the conversion of leads, not the emails.
You have to be consistent with your follow-ups so when you’re setting people up, have your CRM provider set up a seven-drip email plan and you would like to be notified to call or text them when that email goes out.
I want to share with you the tools that I use. So, what tools do I use to make all those videos? All you really need is the phone. People love to go out and buy a bunch of junk and thinking that they can’t make videos until they have all this stuff, but you can make the videos with your phone.
gorilla podJust straight up, you need a good lighting and a good microphone. At least you have something to work from right now. If you do want to go out and buy a bunch of gear, these are the ones I suggest. The Gorillapod mobile rig, they have different versions of it. It looks pretty complex but you can actually remove its arms if you don’t want them and what I like about it is that it holds your phone in a vertical or horizontal position.
You can change the format of the video that you’re filming and then also, it has little arms where you can attach the microphones and lights to. It has a shoe mount on top of the phone where you can add a microphone and a light. I actually remove the arms and don’t use them that often but what I do use is the mobile rig that’s holding my phone and it has the mic port built right into the top of it.
So, when I’m walking around, I always have a light on that and I use a lapel microphone. Speaking of the light, this is hands-down, the best-LED light that you can buy on the market. There are more expensive ones so the price doesn’t necessarily mean best. Why? the AL-M9 to me is the best.
It’s plastic so it’s really light. It’s not heavy if you have it on a selfie stick or on the end of a tripod or something. It’s not very weighted and that’s a good thing. The other thing is about the size of a credit. It’s very portable and easy for you to carry around in your gear bag. It has an intensity level so you can brighten it up, really bright or you can dull it down.
So, I didn’t need it full-on brightness. I probably had it at just below ½. There are more expensive ones but they’re really heavy and it’s kind of makes things a lot more awkward and complicated. I’ve probably got 6 different lights, I have $500 lights, $700 lights, and of all of them, this is the most used one. I use this one for all my shoots. I love it.
Al-M9Now, you’ll notice when doing those videos, we are standing and the camera is set up on the tripod on an island. We don’t reach for the phone to hit record and then reach for the phone again to stop the recording. We use a little clicker in the palm so when you have your phone turned-on on video mode and you use a camera remote for your smartphone, you just click the little button and it will start recording and then you click the button again and it stops recording.
For all of the videos, we use the little clicker in the palm of our hands. It allowed me to not reach forward and hit the stop button because then I would have to edit that out. That’s one extra step that I don’t have to deal with. The other thing is if you’re attaching your phone on a tripod, sometimes that creates shake and the less you touch the better.
These little things are like $25. You can probably get them even cheaper on any online shop. Now, about the microphone, there’s a lot of microphones you can get and people think you need a stick. Some think that you need all these other microphones and they get really expensive. And the editing is complicated above the scope of most people.
What I like is the one we call the iRig Mic Lav. It plugs directly into your phone. The only problem with this thing is that you have to clip it onto your shirt and you look like a big goofball and at least when I see a video and they’re wearing a lapel mic, it’s kind of just screams amateur. Well, I got a little trick for you. I took the lapel mic off with its clip and then I taped it onto my skin.
I-rig mic lavVery effective on hiding your mic so viewers won’t notice it. There wasn’t a lot of microphone noise being picked up from my shirt rubbing on it and the reason for that is because I actually put the microphone tip just above my neckline. The reason why you won’t see it is that the camera down-pointing up at me and that cut off the microphone. So, you actually don’t even see the microphone. It looks flat, it’s not bulky, it’s not intrusive and you just don’t see it in the video.
It looks way more natural and the audio quality that you get from this is going to be a million times better than the built-in microphone of any camera that you use or most of the mics that you buy. It’s just going to be a huge hassle so this is the best way for you to get good clean audio and it’s actually pretty cheap.
How would we deliver these videos and how would we deliver these emails? Well, this is my delivery process. First of all, I would call and text them right away. Then I would know at that point if I have connected with them or not when we talked on the phone. By achieving that, I’ll know what plan to launch. I have to make the decision depending on if I contacted them or not. I’ll trigger one of two follow-up plans.
One for the people that I’ve talked to and the other one is for the people that I have. After I make that decision, all the other follow-ups are the same for the next 60 days. They’re going to get the nosy neighbor email 7 days later, 14 days later we’re hiring email, 30 days later still getting the listings email and then 60 days later is it’s going to be the are you ever moving email.
I take all of those emails and these are my basic rules; each time an email goes out to clients, I have to call and text them. There’s no sense to just blindly emailing people. You should know who your leads are. You should be following up with them, so my system would tell me to call and text the people. It would notify me that the email went out if nothing happens at the end of any period of time like in a week, two weeks, two months.
CRM SoftwareIf I don’t have any feedback from these people, what I’ll end up doing is I’ll set a January 1st contact. I will manually set this up in my CRM. I’ll go log-in and I’ll make a note that never contacted the lead and to give them a call on January 1st. What this does is it builds a huge list for you of people that you can call and follow up with. If you don’t have a lot of internet leads, just think of all the people you’ve talked to that we’re thinking of moving, though they’re not moving anymore.
Those people should definitely have a January 1st reminder. That way, next year you can just shake the tree and see what falls. Every January, we do this where we’d start calling all the people on that list and we can have 12 people that are thinking of moving. They’re thinking that they’re ready now and it’s so easy that it made our yearly numbers so much stronger with a good start.
For all the leads that you get that you’re not actually connecting with, just have a safety net and set a January 1st for the following year. Because if they’re in your system or in your database, they have to have an X call date. If they don’t, you might as well not have them in there at all. So, I’ll reconnect with them and if I can’t connect with them again then I’ll change it for another January 1st.
I’ll leave the listings running so when a person sets up and wants homes emailed to them that match their criteria but they never actually answer my calls, returned my texts or reply to my emails, I’ll just leave the listings running until they ask me to stop. It’s pretty simple, it creates its own content and is ongoing and it’s free.
Then you want to do a Facebook email remarketing. Take all of the leads that you have in your database and you can export that so you’ll want to ask your CRM or your database how do we export our leads or our contacts and they’ll tell you. Then you take all of those emails and you do what’s called Facebook remarketing. That’s above the scope of what this presentation is about but all of your contacts should be added to a Facebook remarketing campaign.
Local RemarketingIt is really inexpensive and it’s actually rather easy to do. If you do have leads, they should all be added to a remarketing campaign. Now, this is the email that I would send the people, it’s really clean and really simple. It says;
“Hey Amy, I’m setting you up with homes-for-sale in the area. Can you watch this video and let me know what you think?”
And then there’s a link for them to watch the video and there’s a picture of the video for them to click on. It’s clean and simple. People do not like reading a lot of information so my Canadian roots would want me to be super polite and say, “Can you please watch this video?” But the more you say the less you’re going to get and so I just say “Can you watch this video?” you can even say things like “Can you hear this video? Watch this video and let me know if you can hear it?”
Then people would actually think that you sent them that one-off video and they will response to that saying that they could hear it. It’s good now that they heard it, now that they’re replying to me so this is the very first like thank-you email that a person would get. It would mail merge their name and then basically ask them to watch the video.
Now, let’s say a person clicks on that video. Where do we take them to actually watch the video? Well, I would make different landing pages on my website that are hidden and that nobody could find. There are different ways you can do that so contact whoever your website provider is and ask them how do we make a new page that’s hidden and they’ll tell you how to do it.
I have quick links to all of the different calls to actions that we may have. You could have what’s your home worth button, you could have an open house button, maybe you have seminars, or maybe you have that you’re hiring. You could put the buttons down along at the bottom and it creates a choose-your-own-adventure for the person who’s on your page.
It’s really clean, simple and this is where we would put our videos. You could use a thank-you video that will say;
Facebook Video Ad“Hey there, it’s John Smith over at ABC Realty. I want to say thank you so much because you just took the time creating an account looking at real estate for sale here in your city. I just wanted to bring it to your attention, when you’re done looking today, you’re going to notice all the new listings that hit the market tomorrow.”
“They’re just going to get mixed in with the ones you’ve already been looking at so what I’m going to do is, I want to set you up on a daily email alert that will send you all the listings that hit the market. Now, if you can reply back to this email or text me and let me know what exactly your criteria are, as far as area, price, amenities, and things that you need and also things that you don’t want.”
“So, let me know all that information. Until then, I’m going to be emailing you all the listings. If any of them catch your eyes and you want to book a showing or you have questions and want more information like more photos or videos, anything you can think of, just let me know. I’m here for you. My name is John Smith, as a buyer agent you don’t pay my fees so this is totally a free service for you to work with me. I look forward to talking to you on the phone, right.”
And so now that I have this landing page created, I just use that as the Thank You page as well. So, if a person registers, you know how when you register for something online, it takes you to a thank you page and that says “thank you! you’ve been registered”. I could use this page as my Thank You page away as soon as a person registers on our website and redirects them to this nice, clean video.
Then, now they have an idea of who this guy is. Who’s going to be giving them a call. You don’t want to take your video and upload it to your website using something like YouTube, so if your website’s company doesn’t allow you to do a direct video upload because you don’t want people seeing a view count? Then that’s the main issue.
vimeoYou also don’t want people seeing ads on your video. As another example, if you want private videos that have a little more control, Vimeo is a good option for you to take a look at. They do have a free version for the $9 a month plan. They allow you to customize the player so you can totally customize the way that play buttons work and the way the video is hosted on your website.
Now, for $55 a month the business plan allows you to add a call to actions directly into the video which is a really cool feature. Imagine this, when a person is watching a video full-screen on their phone and you’re telling them to scroll down and to register. The video is taking up the whole screen of what they’re looking at but with Vimeo and the player call to action, it actually puts it all right into the video so they can actually register and create accounts and do whatever directly in the video that they’re watching.
That’s a pretty cool feature. This is a general idea, what I want you to do as a game plan is to record seven different videos. After you have those seven different videos created, you’re going to make the seven different landing pages. After you have the seven landing pages created then you can create the emails like the email drip.
That’s the order that I would do things in and when I take a step back, I look at all the time that is going to be required for you to do this. This is going to save you so much more time in the future. There is no sense in you paying for more leads if you’re not following up with the ones that you’re already getting. And this system, once you have it set up, you can leverage this for five years, seven years or maybe even ten years.
Just change out a couple of the videos over time. It’s really easy if you actually sit down, buckle down, do the videos, the landing pages and do the email. It might take you one full day of effort. But that one full day of effort is going to repay you so much more in the future. These types of projects are the things that you should be working on. No other things like maybe social media distractions. Now, if you want the easy button, there is a program out there.
bombbombThat kind of has all this rolled into one. It’s called Bomb-Bomb. It allows you to easily create, edit videos, and share videos directly from your phone. It’s a stress-free video sharing tool. Have you ever tried to share a video? it’s like a nightmare. Like the file is diminished, the quality is terrible but with Bomb-Bomb? you make the video and it allows you to text an email and the video right on the spot.
As soon as you make one, you can send it as a private video message. They also have landing pages that you can build. You could make the landing pages for your follow-up campaign. Speaking of campaigns, Bomb-Bomb custom drip programs already done for you or you can make your own based on what we just covered today, which is the two months plan with the seven follow up touches.
Bomb-Bomb has a mass email function where you can put all of your leads and do a mass email to all of them to let them know about a client appreciation event. You can trigger a monthly alert as well. Let’s say you have a monthly newsletter that you want to send out, you can do it as plain text image or a video and Bomb-Bomb integrates directly with Gmail and Zapier.
That just opens up a whole new world on how you can communicate with people. Going forward, Bomb-Bomb actually has your first four weeks. It’s an action plan and in this action plan, it has scripts and video examples that you can use. You can try them out for free for 14 days and if you don’t like it then you can cancel.
But how many of you will like it? If you do, you would keep using it. I hope that you would take action and start making your first video. Just make your first thank-you video and your first thank you drip. Good luck!