How to Make Cool Real Estate Videos

Create Engaging Videos for Social MediaHow to Make Cool Real Estate Videos

Great to have you here. First, one of the things I wanted to talk about is how to not become the Blockbuster of real estate. That’s the first topic that I wanted to go over with you.
I’ll give you some tips and advice so that you don’t end up on the graveyard of real estate because as you’re going to see, in this blog post, there comes a wave of change. A wave that is not fueled or driven by our industry and this what makes it dangerous. That’s what makes a lot of agents blind and I don’t want you to be blindsided.
Do you remember Blockbuster? Movie fans out there are big fans. We watched Star Wars, all of them, I’m a huge fan of that so why should we remember Blockbuster?
We’re used to driving somewhere, pick up the video cassettes, remembering those saying please be kind to rewind it back, remember that? In later DVDs and it was pretty much the only game in town. What failed about Blockbuster were two things. From number one, you’d have to drive. You have to find a movie from the five or ten copies that they had and hope not all of them would be rented.
You get the one you wanted, you watch it and then you have to bring it back because if you didn’t, you get the late fees. That’s number two, don’t you hate that? You forget to return it the next day then the next thing you know is that you could have bought twenty of those movies over the course of a year.
Fast-forward to today, who crushed Blockbuster and who put them out of business? Netflix, precisely, but think about this, it was not Netflix that caused what to be in shambles and done and gone. What it was, was you and I, the consumers, because we didn’t want to get nickel and dimed for late fees If we didn’t watch the movie and didn’t return it on time. We didn’t want the inconvenience to keep driving somewhere picking up and dropping off videos. We want to be entertained. We wanted a better way to watch movies. We didn’t mind paying for it.
Smart companies came and said okay here’s what we’re going to do, we’re not only going to ship you the movies, any movie you want on the lovely Blu-ray disc, high quality. You can keep it as long as you want to watch it. Send it right back, we’re going to send you one right away and they’re pretty good at it, right?
Now you can stream whatever you want, no late fees. People say Netflix brilliantly put Blockbuster out of the business. But It was the consumer-driven desire to watch what you want, to watch with no commercials and no late fees on your terms. It was the consumer who triggered the avalanche that killed Blockbuster.
The same thing has happened in the taxi industry. Uber is not crushing the taxi industry; you and I are. Because we want to know how much it’s going to cost us to get to our destination, choose what kind of car you want, when is it going to arrive and we don’t have to mess with cash or credit cards or anything, all payments are now possible through our phone.
It’s the convenience that’s crushing the taxi industry who did not respond to consumers’ demand, and it’s the same way we listen to music that’s why you have iTunes, that’s why you have Spotify, all these companies listen and pay attention, they’re watching what’s happening on the consumers. What are the consumers and what do they want?
I’m going to help you, and teach you how to put together a good real estate video. How? with just your smartphone. No expensive gadgets and cameras. You can start right away.
Here’s the real reason, according to the National Association of Realtors’ studies combined with Google studies, the stat they found is 85% of your potential clients want to work with an agent who uses videos. It is not about you and me, it’s not about our preference is, not about preference of any real estate agent, it is about the preference of the consumers.
And they’re right here, they told us exactly what they want. They prefer an agent who uses video because that agent is perceived as more advanced in terms of technology and easier to relate to because of videos and create the bond and connection.
You cannot do that over the phone or with an email or text, but videos can do that. There’s a psychological reason. The human psychology, helps us to perceive people in person, on video, on-screen and television but here we can implement those strategies and techniques.
The very simple stuff, once you get it, it’s going to be second nature. My entire point is, you and I want to stay in this business. You want to be successful rock star. It’s not going to be about your preferences, it is going to be about your ability to understand what the public wants and react to it!
Be able to shift your marketing, your philosophy and your approach to accommodate that. So, you don’t end up like the taxis, or like the Blockbuster, you don’t end up like everybody else who thought we’re too big. Remember Kodak? They were not flexible. Where are they today? And when they finally realized what consumers wanted, they had already lost.
What do we do now? We now have our personal digital cameras. Kodak didn’t see smart-phones, they didn’t see that we’re going to have this magical device in our pocket. These smartphones are able to do HD 1080p high-quality video. Where do you need cameras nowadays? Pay attention to your customers, listen to what they want.
There are so many resources out there, a lot of places where people voice their desires. They voice what they want, they will tell you if you pay attention. Is this all making sense? Start cranking videos, that is my message and actually, we’re going to talk more about videos as we progress.
Everybody seems to know something about marketing online including Facebook who declared videos the way it’s going to go. Right now, three out of four people on the internet are watching the videos. You have to know what’s going on and start doing videos. Not everything will be perfect but everybody can learn. Everybody can master this stuff.
All you need is the desire to learn and the skill and yes, you can learn it; you can do it. You don’t need talent, you don’t need beautiful looks, you don’t need any of that. But one of the obstacles is fear, I have done a few videos, I need to do more to get over the fear and that’s absolutely the trick, that’s actually one of the strategies I’m going to share with you and teach you how I did it.
You just start cranking them out and if they’re not good, don’t publish them. You can add the text, graphics, music, end cards and so on as you progress. Strive to start out with at least “pretty good” videos and work on getting better.
If your videos fail, it can literally ruin your reputation because just an even okay video, not great, can push business away if you look amateurish or needy or nervous or whatever, so that’s the danger. Just like when you’re on the phone and you come across as pushy, too needy, too low status, this can ruin your chance of getting that listing.
The same goes with video, so you’ve got to be careful. My goal is for you to start producing videos. Videos are an awesome way to communicate. What’s cool about video is that it’s the closest you’re going to get to face to face conversation. There’s no other tool that can accomplish that.
Video is great because it is effective when it comes to marketing, prospecting, and communication to your prospect. It emulates that face-to-face communication that you normally have with people. That’s what makes video so powerful. Have you wondered why is it that so many people feel like they know movie stars?
We feel this connection, why is that? There’s a psychological reason again and we will get into that. We’re not talking about the influential kind of sales stuff. People will like the videos, they will think as you seem like a cool guy/gal and they’d like to know more or they want you to help them with their house.
Now, I got to be honest with you. Please don’t misunderstand, video is not the magic answer. The video will not replace your prospecting or marketing, that’s not the idea. It’s not like you don’t have to call, email, text, message them. Videos will go a long way in allowing people to know, like and trust you – you/me – we all need to use videos.
You can use different videos as different tools, which you can reproduce, the same content for different tasks. Whether it’s prospecting, whether it’s connecting with your sphere, whether it’s part of your follow-ups, that’s the cool thing about videos. So, if you want to keep in touch with your SOI, you can use video for that.
You can use it for sale by owners and expired. There are videos to attract new leads and attract people in your neighborhood. There are all kinds of videos for buyers and sellers. You can use videos to communicate to your assistants and staff too. It’s going to be a big part of how you communicate with the public, that’s why I’m such a big fan of videos.
I want to share with you the number one reason people’s videos fail, it’s because they’re stiff and not natural. They’re not relaxed, they’re trying to sell but they’re not comfortable on camera and you can just tell that that’s the first mistake. The second mistake is a technical mistake. Most agents screw up the editing and production of their videos.
And the main technical issue is? Their video fails not because of the picture quality but because of the quality of the audio. This is a tool I recommend; This is the one I happen to use.
The name of the company is the power device. It’s a little glass mic. It comes with a little pouch that is waterproof, it’s a little mic that has a little clip. So, you’re going to put this on your shirt, you just clip it on.
But here’s where it gets cool, the plug has three black rings that means it’s ready for your smartphone. You can plug this into your Android phone or your iPhone, then your audio is ready. It comes with a little extension cord so you can use it with a selfie stick or a tripod which I think you should use.
You can be up to six feet away from your camera and you can still shoot a video. Make sure the one you’re going to get is for your smartphone, the way you can always tell us is that it has three black rings as your connector. Get a good mic, start with that before you get anything else.
One big mistake agent makes is poor audio. Make sure sound quality is good. Now there’s a second step to it. You have to review it when you finish your video. You’re going to use your headphones, don’t use the speaker on your phone because it’s not good enough. Headphones that came with your phone are good or if you have another set of good headphones.
Plug them in and listen to your video, don’t just watch the picture, listen to it. You would ruin many of your videos without even realizing you had a plane fly over or you show nervousness, maybe delivering the video. If you didn’t pay attention, the video will fail.
Then you have to do it over again. You can get wind gust hits your microphone and it can ruin your take. Any ambient noise can. Of course, watch for background. Make sure there are no people doing stupid things or if the light is killing your take. So, always check your take, put the headphones and listen to it.