The ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway Referral-Generating Event Idea

It’s time to start thinking about how you're going to reconnect and honor your clients and those in your sphere of influence this holiday season.

There really is nothing better than giving them more than they expect and in a way that surprises them with your thoughtfulness and generosity.

No matter if they are a large family that lives locally, or they’re empty-nesters or a single person that may be alone for the holiday, one thing is for certain, they are ALL a part of your extended family.

Show them how much you care and connect with them on a more personal level by having a Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway Event. 🥧🥧🥧

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Imagine 30...50...even 100+ past clients, prospects and business partners RSVPing to come to your office to reconnect and pick up their choice of apple or pumpkin pie. You get to see what’s happening in their life, maybe learn about a neighbor who wants to sell, a daughter that is about ready to buy her first home or a mother-in-law that needs to downsize.

BUT none of these conversations may have happened without a reason to connect...and that reason is that you want to give them a gift of appreciation for the holiday...a Thanksgiving Pie.

Yes, that pie could = a transaction!

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