The Alter Ego Effect with Todd Herman | 10/09/19 | #WaterCooler

Curaytor co-founder Jimmy Mackin interviews performance advisor and author Todd Herman on how you can leverage the concept of an "Alter Ego" to get results in real estate and business.

02:20 How Todd Herman works with the elite of the elite
06:30 Todd's (world class charity worker) mother's best advice
10:30 What happens when you successfully develop an alter ego
18:20 Entrepreneurship is the fastest path to personal growth
23:48 You have to see yourself as more than one identity.
27:20 The advantage of adaptable brain states.
29:00 Common struggles of high-achievers
32:50 Finding an “enemy” to fight
38:30 Achieving peak performance - and is it worth pursuing?
43:00 The lies we tell ourselves to justify failure
47:15 “The workingest boys in our town.”
53:50 What to say when you hear criticism.
57:30 Can you impose an alter ego on somebody else?