Exactly What to Say For Real Estate Agents | 09/18/19 | #WaterCooler

Curaytor co-founder Jimmy Mackin and top sales minds Chris Smith and Phil M. Jones discuss the values and benefits of their new best-selling book, Exactly What to Say For Real Estate Agents (order here: www.ewts4re.com).

00:00 Intro/Giveaway
02:30 Who is Phil M Jones?
08:51 Phil M Jones and Curaytor
11:00 Why do people not like scripts?
15:51 With great power comes great responsibility.
18:52 What is the role of a salesperson?
23:18 Misconceptions about salespeople
29:45 Why “Exactly What to Say” works for Real Estate Agents
37:40 How do you put Exactly What to Say into practice?
45:30 The immediate impact of using Magic Words

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