7+ Video Ideas for You to Go ALL IN On & Be Relevant, Respected, & Referred | #TomFerryShow S3:E5

I’m always telling you to make videos… and many people are.
If you’re not one of them, maybe it’s just because you don’t know how or where to start. Or if you’ve already started, you’re wondering how to maximize results.
Well, I’m showing you on today’s #TomFerryShow how to go ALL IN on video!
Watch this episode to learn:
• 7 show ideas for maximum relevancy in your market
• 5 simple steps to creating your show
• Tips to get additional exposure from every video
• A sample weekly content calendar
• And more!
Boost your marketing by following along and implementing these video strategies and content plan.
For the majority of my life, I’ve been passionate and dedicated about changing lives by giving away the very best strategies, tactics, and mindset techniques to help you and your business succeed. Join me as we take this to level 10!
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