Step-By-Step Real Estate Video Marketing Plan

video marketingStep-By-Step Real Estate Video Marketing Plan

Why use video for real estate marketing?

To out position and out maneuver the competition. And ultimately be the agent people trust. By using video you’ll become the Digital Mayor and a mini celebrity of your neighborhood, country, town or city.

How to Be the Agent of Trust Using Video?

By producing your own Weekly Anchor Show. The show would have 3-5-10 minute videos scheduled once per week to position you as the neighborhood expert and be the “go to” real estate agent. Plus, you’ll multipurpose the video into text, audio and video snippets – so you appeal to as many modalities as possible.

The Multi-Purpose Video Process

video marketing for real estate agentsShoot all 4 videos in one day and schedule 4 hours to complete all 4 videos. Keep raw footage and edit videos later. You’ll be able to produce a month’s worth of video content in just one morning or one afternoon!! Schedule the videos when you’re not going to be busy probably not the last day of the month. Edit all the video, add intros, outros and lower thirds – then post all videos and schedule on YouTube. (In my course I cover 4 other places to post videos for maximum impact).

Objective of the Videos

To become the Realtor buyers and sellers choose. And to repel those people you wouldn’t want to work with too!

Once the Videos are Recorded

  • have each video transcribed word – for – word.
  • Expect to pay $1/minute for the transcription plus you’ll pay for any editing and formatting costs to “clean up” the content.

Where Do You Post the Video Text?

  1. Your website’s blog.
  2. Medium
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Facebook Page
  5. Google My Business Post
  6. Blogger
  7. Tumblr

YouTube Hacks

How about the audio from the video?

  • After you’ve had the audio stripped from the video, you’re ready to syndicate the audio to popular podcasts like iTunes and Stitches and others. Expect the costs from $50 – $100+.
  • Don’t worry about who listens to it or how many people listen to it. You’re using these real estate podcasts for positioning and demonstrate another way you’re unique in the market.
  • As a bonus video do an interview with someone who is the “opposite” of you in personality. For example, one person details the nitty gritty of home selling and the other person the “big picture”.

What’s Next with Your Videos?

  • For each of your videos create 3 snippets/video clips – each snippet/video clip should be 30-45 seconds of a cliff hanger section of the video, so the viewer wants to watch the entire episode.
  • Upload each snippet/video clip to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business.
  • Boost your snippets/video clips on Facebook and Instagram for a 10-mile radius around the subject video’s location.
  • By boosting your post, you can potentially reach 10,000’s of people every week. Again positioning you as the agent to trust and choose.

What Else Can You Do With the Video Snippet/Video Clip

  • Because the eyeballs are on Instagram. Right now, 71% of IG users are less than 35 years old and in the perfect sweet spot for first homebuyers and some move up buyers!
  • Once your snippet is posted ask them to swipe up and then add a link to the full video which is on your website, your landing page.
  • Move people from Instagram to your online property!

YouTube Ads

Move Video Ninja Tricks

  • Create 3 quote cards from each show – take your best sound bite quote and create an image quote.
  • And on the image mention ‘click the link to find out more’ or ‘click the link to watch the entire episode’

What’s next for your real estate video quote cards?

  • Post the quote cards on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Twitter accounts.

Critical Video Tip

  • Reply to every comment within 12 hours – that means reply to every comment on all of the social platforms. Yes you can like each comment – however you need to go further – comment – be insightful – compliment – at least leave an emoji to every comment. Reply, reply, reply…

YouTube Advertising Best Practices

How long am I doing this video marketing for?

  • Do this for 2 years – week-in/week out!! What’s the worst that can happen? You may like what you’re doing! You’re able to get listings and sales because people are contacting you because they’ve developed a ‘digital’ relationship with you from your videos.
  • Where do you start? Start where you’re at!

So, What’s the Video Schedule?

Your YouTube channel and its playlists are the anchor for this strategy. (Plus, as a    bonus you can also do the same on Vimeo and Daily Motion and other video platforms)

  • Schedule each week’s video to go live at 7 am and then embed that week’s video into your website(s) landing page(s), blog(s) and submit to all your social media web 2.0 accounts.
  • Then email your video to your entire database on Tuesday @ 8 am.
  • And the single most important thing to getting your video watched is a compelling, clickable GIF, photo or image in your email!
  • Once your video “image” is clicked on the subscriber will watch the video on your blog, website or landing page (don’t send them to your YouTube channel)

What Happens in the First 24 Hours for your Videos?

  • It’s critical to reply to all the comments on your video – preferably in the first 12 hours – and for sure in the first 24 hours! Why? Because that counts as 2 comments and shows YouTube interest and engagement.
  • Tip – to help ‘boost’ the engagement have some of your friends and family comment on the video on the first day.
  • And for any questions you get in the comments reply – “I’ll get to that in a follow up video – Thanks for the question.”
  • And remember your video will be posted on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook (and other video channels) – reply to all the comments there too.
  • And…you’ll probably get video trolls and haters too – stay calm and reply (try to remain neutral and calm.)

YouTube Cheat

What about those Video snippets and Video Quote Cards?

You’ll be using all three of the snippets and quote cards on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Follow this schedule – post a video snippet at 9 am on Facebook, YouTube,   Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest (and all of your other blogs, Web 2.0 and video channels) for each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
For quote cards post them at 4 pm every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to all of   the same accounts – FB, YT, IG, LI, PI (and all of your other web 2.0 accounts and video channels)

How to Manage the Entire Video Marketing Process?

To make this function you’ll need marketing automation. For the multiple postings an online tool like Hootsuite is one answer (there are many alternatives). And of course; your assistant, VA or marketing agency can do the ‘grunt work’ for all of the above steps.

Hootsuite (or similar)

  • Sign up for a subscription and have your assistant, VA or marketing agency do the marketing automation for you.

Valuable Connections

Review All of the Posts/Videos

  • After 72 hours review all the engagements, comments and shares. Chose the top 1 or 2 videos each week and boost the video(s) for another 3 or 4 days for $30-$40 ($10-$20/day).
  • You’ll spread the “love” of the favorite show/clip/quote/post!!

The Ultimate List of Videos to Produce

Every month you can do 1 video, a market update video.
IE city real estate market update for month. Title Toronto’s Real Estate Market Update for July!

  • Share some of the most interesting trends and share your insights/opinions!

What’s next – every month schedule one or two interviews. (yes, thus means you may produce 5 or 6 videos/month)
Interview people your buyers and sellers are familiar with or who they should get to know,

  • School principal(s)
  • Restaurant owners
  • Coffee shop owners
  • Local Golf pros
  • Soccer and Hockey Coaches
  • Yoga and Karate Instructors
  • Gym’s and Nutritionist’s
  • Local craft breweries
  • Local art gallery owners
  • Architects
  • Home Builders
  • Home Renovation Experts
  • Local Bank Managers/Presidents
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real estate tax lawyers
  • Tax accountants and financial planners who specialize in retirement and estate planning.
  • Veterinarians, Dog Trainers and Pet Groomers

Do you see what you’re doing? You’re doing Demographic Video Marketing!

  • Look for those people/businesses who interest all age groups.
  • Politicians – interview all of them together – get them together for a debate.
  • Lawyers
  • Title reps, closing attorney, your transaction coordinator, your escrow coordinator, your conveyancing coordinator
  • Home inspectors
  • Home stagers and designers
  • Antique store owners and tiny house builders
  • RV campground owners
  • Play school and Montessori school owners
  • Sylvan learning center owners
  • Piano lesson and guitar lesson teacher
  • Interview the last 3 first time home buyers you worked with. Ask them about their challenges and the outcomes. Ask about their pleasant surprises. (They’ll share with their friends too)

Know Your Ad Types

Tip: Boost these Videos to their Demographics.

  • Interview your last 3 home sellers – and ask them why did you choose to work with me (us)? (If they were For Sale By Owner or an Expired Listing – have them mention that in the video)
  • Occasionally add a “Did You Know” video

“Did You Know” you can purchase and own a home with as little as a 3% (on whatever %) down payment? (Interview a lender or provide the details yourself)

  • “Did You Know” you can own a home and pay less than you’re paying in rent now?
  • Do you know what your home will rent for today?
  • Do you know the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid as a first-time home buyer?
  • The 7 improvements that instantly increase your home’s value prior to selling.
  • The difference between hiring a local area agent specialist and an out of area agent.
  • 3 ways to sell your home at the highest possible in the shortest possible time.
  • Considering selling your home on your own? Here’s the X things you must know to guarantee you sell your home at the right price. (Video Contains)
  • #1 Get comfortable with all of these forms and contracts prior to selling.
  • #2 Put out at least 48 Open House signs the night before your Open House at strategic locations.

Behind the Scenes-Realty Videos of a Real Estate Agent

Video Topic for Behind the Scenes

Shows you calling post clients and present buyers for a new listing. And say we reached 7 people over 2 hours of calling and the results were ____________.
That’s just one of the things we do for our sellers.

More Video Topics for Behind the Scenes

  • Do a whiteboard video – comment on the stats in the market like Days on Market/absorption rate – then go into an overview of your marketing plan and mention there are 93 ways we can sell your home for top dollar – we customize these 93 ways to best target the avatar buyers of your property.
  • Do driving neighborhood video tours – Introduce yourself on the video – then do a video driving past interesting parts of the neighborhood and commenting on specifics like parks, schools, types of homes and the various home price rangers. (Tip: tag your videos with neighborhood names, neighborhood businesses, neighborhood homes for sale. And Boost all the videos.)
  • Do micro-market videos, about specific parts of a neighborhood like a new subdivision, homes close to schools, gated communities.
  • So, there you go a complete one-year plan for all your video marketing. You can do it all yourself, hire out parts of the work or let us do it all for you – you just send us the raw video footage and you’re done. The choice is yours.
  • Hope you’ve enjoyed this complete one-year video marketing plan for your real estate marketing

Tip: Run YouTube ads to your YouTube video/blog with your embedded YouTube video.

P.S. we’re here to help – message us if you need all of this done for you.