Sell Anything to Anyone: The Psychology Behind Sales and Influence

Are you looking to improve your sales skills in order to become a better agent and further your business?
Then check out today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience episode, where I talk with master trainer, coach and speaker of Sales Edge, Bill Pipes!
This episode was a blast! It was the first time that Bill guest starred in my podcast and we got the chance to reminisce about our long friendship and how we’ve evolved over the years!
Bill shares how he succeeded with his strategic prospecting model and how he reframes his mindset. He also provides insightful skills and helpful advice on how to overcome any plateau you might be stuck in.
If you’ve had the opportunity to attend Sales Edge, you know that Bill is the best coach that can help you increase your confidence and sales influence skills. We cover this and how to connect with your clients, plus so much more!
Are you ready to improve your sales, and your ability to connect with clients…to truly master your business? Tune in and discover all the strategies Bill provides for you to be the best salesperson and business leader of your area!
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