LIVE with Real Estate’s Top Recruiter, Jay Kinder | 07/10/19 | #WaterCooler

He’s the co-founder of the National Association of Expert Advisors and one of real estate’s most influential people, recruiting some of the top teams and agents in the business to eXp Realty. Jay's on the #WaterCooler to share the sales expertise that has helped him in every phase of his career.

02:07 Who is eXp not right for?
04:38 Learning from the "cloud" vs brick-and-mortar
14:14 Is technology even a differentiator?
18:04 How does eXp deal with objections?
27:10 How does eXp stay ahead of the curve?
34:10 What does Jay say the first time he reaches out to a lead?
47:23 A marketing tactic Jay uses that Works Every Time?
51:05 What trait do all the best real estate agents have in common?
54:51 Low-hanging fruit for real estate success
56:30 Who is Jay Kinder learning from outside of the industry?

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