The Anatomy of World Class Sales Team with DJ Dellasala | Podcast EP. 22

A team will always outperform an individual, but building your own sales team is not an easy feat to accomplish.
On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talk with DJ DellaSala, broker and owner of Ancient City Real Estate in St. Augustine, FL.
We talk about how he decided to open the doors of opportunity to himself by starting his real estate company and immediately zooming in on the right characteristics he needed to have on this sales team.
DJ shares how to provide the correct platform, coaching and insightful tips on hiring qualified real estate agents. We also focus on the hacks he uses to activate old leads and the methodical steps he incorporates for his lead evolution.
If you’re thinking of starting your own team, I highly recommend you take the time to listen to my interview with DJ in order to get a clear vision of what you are looking for – and what you’re not. His insights into the benefits of your office culture, what types of tech support to utilize and more will make your recruiting a much smoother process for your company.
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